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  • Submitted by GusFowler on May 16, 10 at 2:29am

    Just be ready to eat the loaf of bread that springs up a week later.

  • Submitted by TheDiscoPant on May 16, 10 at 2:06am

    I can see that being ridiculously painful for the girl

  • Submitted by icymice on May 16, 10 at 3:43am

    sugar causes yeast infections

  • Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on May 16, 10 at 2:45am

    All that sugar sounds like a recipe for a yeast infection. Also, splinters from the wooden popsicle stick. Ow.

  • Submitted by 69_Charger on May 16, 10 at 2:45pm

    Fill a condom with water instead let it freeze. The condom creates the shape and then you can enjoy the frozen toy with out a yeast infection. Just watch out for air bubbles cus they can make it sharp.

  • Submitted by hubert on May 16, 10 at 2:14am

    Giggity giggity goooo!!!!!!

    • Submitted by Firefox1 on May 16, 10 at 4:45am

      Who else but Quagmire?

      • Submitted by JenBen on May 16, 10 at 10:53am

        He's Quagmire, Quagmire, (Giggity giggity goo!)

        • Submitted by skootles on May 16, 10 at 1:16pm

          Giggidy giggidy giggidy giggidy, let's have sex!

  • Submitted by lollygaga on May 16, 10 at 2:18am

    Not going to lie, I have thought of trying to masterbate with one.

  • Submitted by kcs99 on May 16, 10 at 4:11am

    Actually it feels great. Especially if you rub the Popsicle over the clitoris. Don't knock it till you've tried it.

    • Submitted by jbwarner86 on May 16, 10 at 11:10am

      "Rub the Popsicle over the clitoris" is just about the last phrase I expected to hear today.

  • Submitted by meghannnn on May 16, 10 at 2:32am

    Apparently I'm one of the few who finds this idea appealing. Wouldn't complain if someone did this to me.

    • Submitted by Leto on May 16, 10 at 2:56am

      you know how a tongue can stick to ice? your torso is the tongue. besides, my ex said that when she went to the gyno if the spatula thing is cold it hurts like a motherfucker

      • Submitted by Nix on May 16, 10 at 5:22pm

        Torso... spatula... what? What does this comment have to do with anything?

        • Submitted by Leto on May 17, 10 at 1:00am

          gynocology; pap smears and check ups; spatula is the tool to check; torso because it goes up into the body. dumb. ass.

          • Submitted by USFgrad2010 on May 17, 10 at 1:43am

            You mean speculum? And vagina? Nice try, but dude, come on. At least get the terms right and don't get pissy if someone calls you out on not making sense.

            • Submitted by Leto on May 18, 10 at 12:25am

              lol, i knew there was an actual formal name for it, but my ex described it as a spatula, so there you go. and vagina, yes, durp. which goes into the body cavity. torso. more durp. my comment may not have been the most eloquent but it was understandable enough for nix to get it

  • Submitted by Anonymous on May 16, 10 at 4:26am

    This makes me so horny

  • Submitted by bjbb24 on May 16, 10 at 3:35am

    My ex used to put popcicles and ice in me. It feels good. Just weird when it melts and Drips out of you.

  • Submitted by anomymouse on May 16, 10 at 2:05am


  • Submitted by bklipp on May 16, 10 at 2:57pm

    Lol i find the comments funnier then the actual text

  • Submitted by carleton1984 on May 16, 10 at 7:06am

    Sugarless Popsicle mat solve your problem. Try homemade!

  • Submitted by inflamessoilwork on May 16, 10 at 2:10am

    True love right there

  • Submitted by junior33 on May 16, 10 at 9:56am

    Oklahoma representin', baby!! Popsicle fuckin' is all the rage here in the Bible Belt. Use grape and it turns your dick purple .

  • Submitted by ThatsBombBro on May 16, 10 at 3:07am

    Um, I don't know what's up with your dick, potman, but normally cocks don't melt.

  • Submitted by LifeGuard on Jul 15, 10 at 3:44pm

    That sounds nice!!! What kind??

  • Submitted by YoKid on May 16, 10 at 2:12am

    918? Dammit. I'm ashamed of where I live thanks to this txt

  • Submitted by nomnomnom24 on May 16, 10 at 3:05am

    Oh, the 918. Proud to live here.

  • Submitted by StallionDavis on May 16, 10 at 12:21pm

    And here comes the sourdough bakery.

  • Submitted by purpleispretty on May 16, 10 at 9:18am

    Wouldn't that be cold??? And I'm pretty sure that sugar can give you a yeast infection. Bad idea

  • Submitted by megaphone on May 16, 10 at 6:59pm

    Now that just sounds like a yeast infection if I've ever heard one... Gross.

  • Submitted by Michguy on May 16, 10 at 8:48am

    Go sugarless... She'll enjoy it. Done that.

  • Submitted by anon99 on May 16, 10 at 8:38am

    The Vagina is the temperature it is for a reason. you could seriously fuck your shit up doing that. also, enjoy your urinary tract infection!

  • Submitted by collinjd on May 16, 10 at 2:02pm

    I love Oklahoma. Lol.

  • Submitted by act on May 17, 10 at 4:00pm

    I hope youre not using a red pop, just in case you know

  • Submitted by RtGxTLx on May 16, 10 at 2:04am

    Wow that's weird

  • Submitted by mulerman1 on May 16, 10 at 11:03am


  • Submitted by Carma1369 on May 16, 10 at 2:40am

    That's fun and yummy!

  • Submitted by Z71muddin on May 16, 10 at 10:17am

    wow, this makes me proud to be an okie!

  • Submitted by cfreymarc on May 16, 10 at 6:35am

    Sounds sexy but very unhealthy. The sugar will cause a yeast infection big time and something that cold in there can cause ovary damage.

    • Submitted by stephy on May 16, 10 at 8:15pm

      how would a cold popsicle do any remote damage to the ovaries? really.

  • Submitted by Degu_Boy on May 16, 10 at 3:45am

    In Soviet Russia, Popsicle melt you!

  • Submitted by jrod02 on May 16, 10 at 7:50pm

    This is hot. Done this with a female b4. Kinky fun ;). Oh and yes use sugarless. Don't want a yeast infection

  • Submitted by FaceFucked on May 16, 10 at 1:01pm

    Tulsa... How I love you.

  • Submitted by Anonymous on May 16, 10 at 7:42am

    Omg this is my fantasy... except I'd only imagined teasing a lady with the popsicle... this sounds incredible

  • Submitted by flotowngolfer on Jun 9, 10 at 9:45am

    I have done this, but all I had was grape Popsicles, and no one likes grape. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either.

  • Submitted by GoldenMe on May 16, 10 at 5:17am

    umm ok that's odd and interesting. Now though I am curious.

  • Submitted by sexqueen on May 16, 10 at 10:01pm


  • Submitted by Brassmonkey12 on May 16, 10 at 10:43am

    Please no splinters,( =•O

  • Submitted by dramadork on May 16, 10 at 11:37am

    Had a friend once that would cum like a machine gun if you fucked her with a Big-Stick Popsicle!! She definately should douche after though, yeasties love the sugar!!!

  • Submitted by brownjd on May 16, 10 at 2:04am

    Wow... That's rough!

  • Submitted by rawr323yaknowww on May 17, 10 at 8:40am

    doesn't it get stuck? like when you lick an ice cube.

  • Submitted by Anonymous on May 16, 10 at 2:38am

    Damn that's so hot!

  • Submitted by AlwaysTheDriver on May 17, 10 at 9:01am

    Totally want to try that. I've done it to my just with ice blocks, and she & three other girls I've talked to all like the ice treatment. Depends how big the ice block is, if it doesn't melt fast enough it could be painful. As for the thrush, just get her on some medication beforehand. Problem solved.

  • Submitted by expresso69 on May 19, 10 at 6:11am

    This is Oklahoma?

  • Submitted by Tws1990 on May 16, 10 at 9:48pm

    So glad to live in Tulsa.... Glad to be almost done with the city. Good luck on the fucking no cold object will be going in mine.

  • Submitted by mnightgoulding on May 16, 10 at 9:37pm

    I hear freezing glass toys will give a better effect. And it doesn't have yeast infection in grape flavor!

  • Submitted by ice43man on May 16, 10 at 2:54am he's not

  • Submitted by Anonymous on May 16, 10 at 2:42am

    Oh how I love Oklahoma :)

  • Submitted by Anonymous1024 on May 16, 10 at 9:38pm

    sounds uncomfortably cold

  • Submitted by Alias3679 on May 16, 10 at 5:02am

    Ice is fun. The sugar from the posicle would cause an infection.

  • Submitted by suchawhore on Jul 7, 10 at 12:56pm

    I really want to know who this is? I'm from 580 and know people from 918

  • Submitted by cbtango on May 16, 10 at 4:17pm

    Ooo, yum. I don't think i'd mind that... except it's cold... and sticky...

  • Submitted by whoa_alexandria on May 16, 10 at 3:47am

    what if a girl sent this to a guy? or a guy sent it to another guy? or a girl sent it to another girl? hmmmm.

    • Submitted by Cpt_Underpants on May 16, 10 at 3:51pm

      No, let's be realistic here, the chances that someone wants to shove a popsicle up a guys ass and then toss the salad is ridiculously slim. So just shut up.

    • Submitted by Nix on May 16, 10 at 5:24pm

      The girl on girl sounds hot.

  • Submitted by mae on May 16, 10 at 11:39pm

    Lol at 1:36

  • Submitted by yummy on Jun 2, 10 at 6:36pm

    Wouldn't this hurt? Makes me shiver just thinking about it.

  • Submitted by cowgirlqt on May 21, 10 at 10:40pm

    damn this could possibly salvage a relationship. lol

  • Submitted by trke0302 on May 16, 10 at 1:36pm

    It's been done and makes a huge fucking mess

  • Submitted by enitenite on May 16, 10 at 9:52am

    @Lollygaga..... Can I watch you masturbate with one?

  • Submitted by dzblnde on May 17, 10 at 3:38pm


  • Submitted by newfiee on Feb 14, 11 at 6:32pm

    Eating someone out right after sucking on ice cubes is amazing! Try iit :)

  • Submitted by Barlow_6000 on May 16, 10 at 3:11am

    Wow... That makes me fill dirty.

  • Submitted by Anonymous_1993 on May 18, 10 at 11:50pm

    Oh wow! Only okies!

  • Submitted by NataSept on May 17, 10 at 1:50am

    love that reaction.

  • Submitted by Pooge on May 16, 10 at 10:36am

    Woohoo for A-town

  • Submitted by softhands2169 on May 16, 10 at 2:41pm

    Yeast infection 100%

  • Submitted by Anonymous on May 16, 10 at 7:58pm

    Joe don made this famous

  • 74 99
    Submitted by 150mphmatt on Jun 18, 12 at 9:08pm

    Shoving ice cubes in my exs puss was about the worst pussy eating idea I ever came up with

  • Submitted by Manda_Bi on May 16, 10 at 11:58pm

    Yeahh Oklahoma! :) I've done this with sugarless Popsicles. It's amazing

  • Submitted by Toam918 on May 16, 10 at 10:22am

    Ha\nKjs a whore

  • Submitted by Payzlynne on Dec 22, 10 at 6:57pm

    this isn't sexy. poor girl that got this.

  • Submitted by plateman420 on May 18, 10 at 5:16am

    fish popsicle

  • Submitted by Anonymous on May 17, 10 at 8:31pm

    "sugar-free"ONLY! or eles u're stupid

  • Submitted by busturrchurry on May 16, 10 at 3:55pm

    fucking sick

  • Submitted by enitenite on May 16, 10 at 9:40am

    I would love to do this to a girl! Any girls in Oklahoma want to give this a try?

  • Submitted by JuleWhiiite on May 16, 10 at 3:21am


  • Submitted by Zmaniac9711 on Aug 7, 10 at 1:39pm

    Greatest response ever

  • Submitted by nikkiannxo on May 19, 10 at 10:26pm

    My boyfriend was so hyped to see me today after I sent this to him via email for a laugh, know why? He came over with cherry Popsicles and yes he put one inside me lmao

  • Submitted by evolwayz on May 16, 10 at 4:00am

    Damn wouldn't that shit be too cold for the broad? Sure it'd make the pussy taste like cherry.....but frostbite'n the pussy might put ur broad on the injured list

    • Submitted by teaspoon on May 16, 10 at 4:44am

      broad....really?? When the hell did it become the 1950s again?

      • Submitted by Nix on May 16, 10 at 5:25pm

        Leave him alone. He wants to sound cool.

  • Submitted by CoffeeCake on May 16, 10 at 3:18pm

    Lol, Oklahoma. The people are nasty there.

  • Submitted by celliebarbie on Aug 2, 10 at 3:19am


  • Submitted by enitenite on May 16, 10 at 1:05pm

    If any ladies want to try this, send me a text. 9one8six2nine5five2eight

  • Submitted by Dub_T on May 16, 10 at 10:44am

    I want to do you with two Popsicles, one in the pink and one in the stink!!

  • Submitted by pdpotman420 on May 16, 10 at 2:30am

    He's talking about his dick folks he wants to fuck her and the lick his jizz out still nasty but he is not talking about the frozen kind

    • Submitted by stephy on May 16, 10 at 8:19pm

      you honestly think he would rather eat his own cum over eating a popsicle?... think about it. honestly.