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  • Submitted by jayy on Sep 23, 10 at 3:27pm


  • Submitted by Maze95 on Sep 23, 10 at 3:52pm

    Who said chivalry was dead?

  • Submitted by vballchickk17 on Sep 23, 10 at 3:32pm

    frikkken one of the most hilarious things everrr.

  • Submitted by arthurlux on Sep 23, 10 at 6:02pm

    That's up there with "She can't come to the phone right now, she's a bit tied up at the moment."

  • Submitted by blueyedgrl108 on Sep 23, 10 at 3:52pm

    @Mentallectual You "Debbie Downer", some people happen to actually find this text pretty funny. Leave your negative comments to yourself, please and thank you :)

  • Submitted by blueyedgrl108 on Sep 23, 10 at 10:22pm

    @Mentallectual: You would really answer the phone when you are going down on some chick? I guess you wouldn't want your mom to get mad at you :P

  • Submitted by ItalianSpoto77 on Sep 23, 10 at 10:08pm

    thats a "what would tucker max do" moment

  • Submitted by Young_Quake09 on Sep 23, 10 at 4:41pm

    5 Star eating

  • Submitted by Kevin201 on Sep 23, 10 at 7:32pm

    Actually, mental, most people would just say they were busy at the moment.

  • Submitted by blitted on Sep 23, 10 at 8:13pm

    Umm mental, most people probably wouldn't answer the fuckin phone.

    • Submitted by cdese on Sep 23, 10 at 10:53pm

      I agree! Who answers the phone while giving (or getting) head? Disrespectful! Lol

      • Submitted by criticalcrass on Sep 30, 10 at 12:49pm

        exactly. so not so much the keeper then, eh?

  • Submitted by thatguy117 on Sep 23, 10 at 4:12pm

    So ballin'. I mean props to him with the Improv

  • Submitted by hapnsallthetime on Sep 24, 10 at 3:21am

    okay...i know im weird admitting this...but that text kinda turned me on :)

  • Submitted by jewels16 on Sep 23, 10 at 9:53pm

    What a gentleman

  • Submitted by NatEMT72 on Sep 24, 10 at 10:20pm

    ROFLMAO!!!! Best one I've read in a LONG time!

  • Submitted by realitytvjunkie on Sep 24, 10 at 1:02pm

    Has def happened to me before...I loved him.

  • Submitted by ejb1990 on Sep 26, 10 at 10:33am

    text this --> sixseveneight 877 fivezero7two

  • Submitted by Valkyrie on Sep 24, 10 at 7:46am

    Considering I'd say about 95% of people are clever 5-10% of the time this gets points in my book.....

  • Submitted by sdmercier91 on Sep 23, 10 at 8:16pm

    epic win.

  • Submitted by jessie8rox on Sep 24, 10 at 11:32am

    Hope his phone rings tonite

  • Submitted by booyouwhore92 on Oct 7, 10 at 2:42am

    yes! now if only i could find a man like that!

  • Submitted by silverfox_z on Sep 26, 10 at 11:06pm

    You can't go wrong with an honest man lol

  • Submitted by Anonymous on Sep 26, 10 at 6:37pm

    Id love if my man did this. And I like when my bf answers the phone when I'm giving him head lol Well... Depending on who it is. If it's one of his friends I try harder to make him moan. It would be awkward if it was his grandma...

  • Submitted by archer79 on Sep 24, 10 at 6:45am

    You keep him!!!!!

  • Submitted by Smartastic on Sep 23, 10 at 5:31pm

    @bueyedgrl108 Did I say it wasn't funny? I just said it isn't clever. I would say the same thing in the same situation, along with millions of others. Go learn what synonyms are.

  • Submitted by sinistar on Sep 24, 10 at 6:50am

    He shouldn't have answered the phone. In fact, it should have been turned off. How rude!

  • Submitted by rachel1216 on Aug 5, 11 at 4:39am

    Simply amazing <3

  • Submitted by paper_cup on Jun 16, 11 at 3:40pm

    I was going down on my girl and my dad called so I told him I was eating breakfast and I would call him after. My girl couldn't stop lauding and then she fucked me.

  • Submitted by chrmadi on Dec 26, 10 at 11:30am

    I'm pretty sure that text just made my day.

  • Submitted by hellahottie on Oct 6, 10 at 7:05pm


  • Submitted by Smartastic on Sep 23, 10 at 3:45pm

    This is what anyone would say in this exact situation, it's not clever.