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  • People like you are the reason STIs are alive and well. Hope all the oozing cold sores around your mouth make guys think twice about coming within 20 feet of you.

    Submitted by Taipan on Sep 5, 10 at 10:43am
  • Wow . It doesn't matter cuz in the morning they're both gonna be like dude I got head from this chick daaaamn man I fucked that chick last night . *high five* next time let's run a train on her.

    Submitted by chellej on Sep 5, 10 at 11:12am
  • Dirty, dirty whore.

    Submitted by rach2126 on Sep 5, 10 at 11:06am
  • Blanche Devereaux lives!

    Submitted by DCThrope on Sep 5, 10 at 10:36am
  • Just a frosh getting her slutting out.

    Submitted by Michguy on Sep 5, 10 at 11:11am
  • Margaritas. The correct answer was margaritas.

    Submitted by meattastic on Sep 5, 10 at 2:38pm
  • Ever heard of tic tacs and a swig of water?

    Submitted by cmillss on Sep 5, 10 at 10:42am
  • Wow.. Can't wait for her lips to breakout with the Herp that's what happens to whores like that!

    Submitted by ohiogirl1107 on Sep 5, 10 at 10:41am
  • Next time stop at a bathroom on your way down the hall.

    Submitted by janesaddiction on Sep 5, 10 at 11:52am
  • mr freeze got snowballed!

    Submitted by thebatman on Sep 5, 10 at 1:22pm
  • Ew, just ew. "Does anyone have any Scope?"

    Submitted by Valkyrie on Sep 5, 10 at 12:22pm
  • The issue isn't a double standard. It's her whorish attitude. Also, if a guy made the same comment about going down on a girl I would call him a whore too.

    Submitted by ssabmud on Sep 5, 10 at 3:16pm
  • What. A. WHORE.

    Submitted by IDOL on Sep 5, 10 at 12:35pm
  • Damn girl... Where's your dignity?

    Submitted by ladyvanian on Sep 5, 10 at 5:43pm
  • So, in a roundabout way, he also helped with that blowjob

    Submitted by mogmog on Sep 6, 10 at 4:04am
  • Hahahah same thing happened to me thursday nite. I don't know if he noticed but I was sook drunk I just laughed inside. I'm such a skank.

    Submitted by keelysiobhan on Sep 6, 10 at 5:15am
  • That's fucking disgusting. Enjoy your AIDS.

    Submitted by stefanivitelli on Sep 9, 10 at 3:05am
  • Professor Slutsky has this advice: actually can you come back to my office when you're doing something of more academic interest than just selecting by place of residence?

    Submitted by amonymous on Sep 5, 10 at 4:35pm
  • Poor girl? Poor guy. At least have the respect not to kiss a guy with another guy nut on your lips. I mean I understand slutty, but that's just wrong.

    Submitted by Vardar on Dec 9, 11 at 5:29am
  • "Hey roomie, how does my dick taste??"

    Submitted by hanrammvp on Sep 6, 10 at 9:50am
  • and she spread her herpes to two more victims!

    Submitted by ck24 on Sep 5, 10 at 8:36pm
  • This girl is a champ. She pulled 2 guys in 1 night.

    Submitted by supertrooper on Sep 5, 10 at 11:18am
    • That's not hard at all, most of the time a girl just has to say "I want to fuck you", and she can get 80% of guys she meets if she is anywhere between a 5-10 on the rating scale.

      Submitted by hanrammvp on Sep 6, 10 at 9:48am
  • Aw poor girl. He probably had it inside so many other girls. So guess what else you suckin?

    Submitted by sarr101 on Sep 6, 10 at 2:01am
  • Whore!!!

    Submitted by lovenlifenmusic on Sep 5, 10 at 9:35pm
  • Wow. Way to spread diseases, you whore:)

    Submitted by xaviorisdeath on Sep 8, 10 at 10:28pm
  • Well, chances are the guys weren't real winners either.

    Submitted by 123go on Sep 6, 10 at 5:45pm
  • Being a woman is too fucking easy.

    Submitted by Fyrdraca on Feb 6, 11 at 10:59pm
  • Well at least she was thoughtful, and decided not to tell him he just tasted his roommates splooge!!! Sick whore!!

    Submitted by hyper31337 on Sep 9, 10 at 3:07pm
  • Chicago slut at a univeristy? U of I? ILSTU? NIU?

    Submitted by thebatman on Sep 5, 10 at 1:25pm
  • Jen must be a whore too

    Submitted by h8whores on Sep 5, 10 at 4:14pm
  • you dirty snowballing whore

    Submitted by poppadocs on Sep 6, 10 at 12:14am
  • Rose and Jen, quit with your feministic bull$hit, ok? It's not right for a guy OR girl to behave this way, it is absolutely disgusting. Not to mention, girls can get it from almost any guy, at any time. All they gotta say is "hey, wanna Fu€k"?

    Submitted by jaystreet46 on May 4, 12 at 11:50pm
  • slutty girls, just go stand on a corner next time; I'm sure your mother is so proud of her little girl!

    Submitted by briannaleigh on Sep 9, 10 at 12:55am
  • Keeping it classy, northern Illinois.

    Submitted by x_rire_x on Sep 5, 10 at 6:44pm
  • If it was a guy who did two girls, it wouldn't have so many thumbs down -_- . u ppl r lame

    Submitted by JenForReals on Sep 5, 10 at 2:47pm
  • Atta girl

    Submitted by courtchronic on Jun 21, 12 at 9:16am
  • Grenades

    Submitted by shanna061009 on Sep 5, 10 at 11:17pm
  • Whore.

    Submitted by CrimpyCrimpy on Sep 6, 10 at 4:33am
  • And you're a jealous bitch Jen.

    Submitted by gtfoasshat on Sep 5, 10 at 3:01pm
    • No douchebag, that doesn't make any sense. She's saying it SHOULD be okay for girls to go crazy. She's ABSOLUTELY right, you and h8whores BOTH know that there are hundreds of texts on this website about how guys send 2 or 3 girls on a walk of shame at once, and everyone's SO proud of them. But this chick gets drunk and has fun and everyone flips their shit. Stop being so fucking hypocritical.

      Submitted by RoseKnows102191 on Sep 10, 10 at 7:32pm
  • I would stop right there, throw the bitch off me, and RUN to brush my teeth.

    Submitted by ck55 on Sep 5, 10 at 12:08pm
  • First

    Submitted by cmillss on Sep 5, 10 at 10:35am