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  • Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 14, 10 at 1:16pm

    If I knew that guy I would take away his mancard and girlfriend.

  • Submitted by manjamanis on Apr 14, 10 at 1:48pm

    Threesomes sure, but it's def cheatig if he's not involved

  • Submitted by PHarman on Apr 14, 10 at 4:35pm

    Wtf is with all these comments saying he's a homo? It's intimidating if you have a significant other who's interested in the opposite gender. Not only is your competition doubled, but half that competition can give your girl something you can't--a vagina. I'd much rather have a one-night-stand-threesome out of curiousity than have a full-time bisexual girlfriend. But hell, if I was a woman, I'd be into women too. Men are gross.

    • Submitted by opheliaswims on Apr 14, 10 at 7:20pm

      Being intimidated by a partner's bisexuality is kind of silly when you see it differently than being intimidated by a partner's continual heterosexuality. There is ALWAYS a chance of finding other people out there that might be more attractive than you to your significant other, male or female. Even though your partner might be interested in both genders (like you said, double the competition), they're still choosing to be with YOU. Plus, who says she likes both equally?

  • Submitted by dirrtyd on Apr 14, 10 at 7:13pm

    In soviet russia... That guy is still a douche.

  • Submitted by joeymaz on Apr 14, 10 at 1:27pm

    I would have proposed!!

  • Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 15, 10 at 1:24am

    Dump him. Life's too short to forgo threesomes

  • Submitted by Arnold on Apr 15, 10 at 5:14am

    Maybe he loves her. I've done that with girls I don't really care for that much. But I wouldn't do that with my current girlfriend because I really love her. Douche bags.

    • Submitted by angrylovesongs on Apr 15, 10 at 5:31am

      My problem is not with the fact that he doesn't want threesomes; that's his choice. But the fact that apparently his problem is with the very fact that she is bisexual, that I just can't be okay with. If he can't respect her and love her for who she is, then fuck him.

  • Submitted by TheBigMac on Apr 14, 10 at 2:16pm

    What a fucking idiot!

  • Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 15, 10 at 11:46pm

    I'd pinpoint all of the comments against bisexuals, except there are too many to pinpoint individually. So instead, listen up haters! It is not a crime to love the same gender the way you love the other. In my opinion, it's the straight people that are the fools. You shouldn't love somebody passed on their body alone. If you do, you'll never find your true love. LOVE HAS NO BOUNDS! I'm bisexual, and proud of it. Girl that posted, the guy you were dating is a homophobic fool.

  • Submitted by Michguy on Apr 14, 10 at 2:10pm

    I agree, his man card should be revoked. I'd love a chick like her.

  • Submitted by angrylovesongs on Apr 15, 10 at 5:33am

    Dump his ass if he can't accept you for who you are.

  • Submitted by ato3730 on Apr 14, 10 at 11:53pm

    A guy not interested in a threesome needs to rethink his manhood. What guy wouldn't die for a threesome. Grow some balls and learn to use them.

  • Submitted by PercivalJenkins on Apr 16, 10 at 9:59pm

    What!! Noooooooo, that guy is the dumbest man to ever walk this Earth. If a girl told me that I would love her for life!

  • Submitted by AkaKai on Apr 14, 10 at 1:56pm

    Wow...really? What a lame ass...

  • Submitted by Anonymous on May 9, 10 at 6:09pm


  • Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 14, 10 at 1:15pm

    Ur shits weaaaaak

  • Submitted by UncleGrumGrum on Apr 14, 10 at 5:48pm

    Marry me!!

  • Submitted by NOsaint16 on Apr 14, 10 at 4:07pm

    Just wow. Whoever the male is who hated that must be only secure enough to share his unfortunately tiny penis with you, cuz two women would be WAY too much embarrassment to " fall short" in bed with for him

  • Submitted by thatcrazybigirl on Apr 15, 10 at 1:39am

    Dude I totally feel your pain. I've been there haha\nMy latest boyfriend lets me hook up with whatever girl I want.

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    Submitted by assassin on Apr 14, 10 at 10:37pm

    The man is a fool. He has forfeit his mancard and all privileges that it gives.

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    Submitted by mattwade on Apr 15, 10 at 10:27pm


  • Submitted by loststar247 on Apr 18, 10 at 4:35pm

    good for him.

  • Submitted by turtlelocs420 on Apr 14, 10 at 3:09pm

    I'll take you and the threesomes anytime

  • Submitted by wizart18 on Apr 14, 10 at 10:50pm

    The world would end if there wasn't anygirls like u out there.\n\n\nFuck me please!!

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    Submitted by anonymousdude84 on Jul 15, 12 at 2:23am

    you guys are completely wrong here. \n\nSLUTS you're down with sharing.\n\nGirls you LOVE- girlfriends- sharing isn't cool. \n\nSomebody said "oh em gee he must have a tiny penis if he doesnt wanna share"\n\nwell how about this one: All you guys must have SOME thing- could be a tiny penis, could be a shit personality- bcuz it's pretty obvious you've NEVER had a relationship with a girl classy enough to love her.\n\nWhen you love her, she is enough. Period. Anybody

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    Submitted by sullysgirl on Apr 18, 10 at 11:02pm

    Vermont represent

  • Submitted by Dr_sparkles on Apr 14, 10 at 11:46pm

    Be the guy really cares about her and only wants her you worldly fucks

  • Submitted by cam792 on Apr 14, 10 at 5:07pm

    Wow oh well I'm always available just let me know

  • Submitted by ItsB on Apr 14, 10 at 1:14pm

    Shitsss weeeeak

  • Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 15, 10 at 5:26am

    This text made me uncontrollably yell 'oh my God' in a very quiet workspace. That's how serious this guy's fuck up truly is. I've had one and it was nothing short of AWESOME.

  • Submitted by blancolex300 on Apr 14, 10 at 4:40pm

    To the curb with his ass

  • Submitted by w2010 on Apr 14, 10 at 10:06pm

    Maybe he doesn't want to share his girl with a knuck dragging lesbo

  • Submitted by thatsit5 on Apr 14, 10 at 9:36pm

    This fool is stupid as hell he should remove his balls... What guy doesn't like girl on girl WTF

  • Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 15, 10 at 5:38am

    This girl sounds perfect. Unless she's ugly. Then she's only 20% perfect.

  • Submitted by schneedrache on Apr 14, 10 at 1:39pm

    Only in VT.

  • Submitted by NYCdood on Jun 21, 12 at 8:09pm

    What. A. Fucking. Idiot.

  • Submitted by sullysgirl on Apr 15, 10 at 11:00am

    That's good ole vermont for ya!

  • Submitted by celltech on Apr 14, 10 at 4:05pm

    That's fucked up. You must be in Utah?

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    Submitted by jltc on May 24, 11 at 9:02am

    Dump him!

  • Submitted by Violetta_Alexis on Sep 22, 10 at 3:01am

    I love being a bisexual female. Doubles my chances for a Saturday evening.

  • Submitted by Anonymous1024 on Apr 14, 10 at 10:58pm

    why would you pass that up? idiot

  • Submitted by YourWifesFantasy on Apr 14, 10 at 2:10pm

    I don't have that problem.

  • Submitted by lizbabyy_x3 on Apr 16, 10 at 1:07am

    that's funny. my boyfriend was opposite. he loves it.

  • Submitted by meika007 on Apr 14, 10 at 11:50pm

    Trust me. it's totally worth it

  • Submitted by ggmate on Apr 14, 10 at 1:23pm

    A fruitcake says that to a woman

  • Submitted by 101barbiegirl on Apr 14, 10 at 11:24pm

    yay 3 somone I would do it I mean comon a guy not wanting a 3 somone ur nuts

  • Submitted by PercivalJenkins on Apr 28, 10 at 10:23pm

    Dumb Ass Fuck!

  • Submitted by Trina on Apr 16, 10 at 11:18pm

    LOL 1:16!!!!!!!!!! Hahahaha!!!!

  • Submitted by plaidandpunk on Apr 15, 10 at 11:54pm

    Ooooo lol he's fcked up

  • Submitted by kiss_my_ass on Apr 14, 10 at 10:55pm

    What a fucking dumbass!!!! Why man doesn't want that? Anytime she needs a real I guy I'm totally game. That loser should just declare himself a he-she grow a pair u loser.

  • Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 14, 10 at 9:47pm

    I know my bf is the same way but I'm not bisexual. He just doesn't even like it when I just kiss other girls!

  • Submitted by xsaint on Apr 15, 10 at 1:03pm

    Go both ways or just pretend to like girls for attention? Hmm plenty of "im bi deal with it" shit going around as a dumb trend, and sure there are legitimate bisexual people but it's also trendy. Just saying

  • Submitted by Booberto on Apr 16, 10 at 3:10am

    What guy says that? One that uses his balls as decoration. G A Y.

  • Submitted by RasAlGhul on Apr 20, 10 at 8:28pm

    When a forest grows too wild, a purging fire is inevitable and natural.

  • Submitted by pike1346 on Apr 15, 10 at 2:45pm

    He's a fruit

  • Submitted by thebatman on Apr 14, 10 at 1:41pm


  • Submitted by Anonymous on May 8, 10 at 3:11am

    9:47, that's what people don't like. You just kiss girls for attention.

  • Submitted by kplumm on Apr 21, 10 at 12:19am

    What a pussy

  • Submitted by permo182 on Apr 15, 10 at 4:43pm

    I feel your pain completely.

  • Submitted by CDNguy on Apr 14, 10 at 2:43pm

    Doesn't sound like a guy to me

  • Submitted by kawaiichan09 on Apr 15, 10 at 2:23pm

    My last boyfriend had such a problem with me being bi that he tried to convince me I'm not.

    • Submitted by MissBea on Apr 20, 10 at 10:33pm

      So did mine! He told me it was a "phase"... Despite me having a girlfriend before him. Lucky now I have a boy who loves it.. AND we're already planning our first threesome (;

  • Submitted by volky2007 on Apr 14, 10 at 1:30pm

    UM EPIC FAIL! he must love the cock.

  • Submitted by paulattack1 on Apr 15, 10 at 11:43am

    Some one should walk up to this kid and blow his fucking brains out cuz maybe he doesn't know it but he has no reason to live anymore

  • Submitted by sexyupsguy on Apr 14, 10 at 1:58pm

    What kinda woman wants a threesome with two homos anyway? lol

    • Submitted by sequioa on Apr 14, 10 at 6:15pm

      god you're dumb

  • Submitted by greenbumho on Apr 14, 10 at 2:41pm

    Clearly a homo.

  • Submitted by Envision on Apr 14, 10 at 2:50pm

    Sounds like a duesche, sometime castrate him and put him out of his misery