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  • You don't. People like you want the comforts of a relationship with none of the commitment, and it's pathetic. Break up with your bf before you leave so he can find someone a little less so.

    Submitted by Taipan on Mar 12, 11 at 2:47pm
    • For once, I think I have to agree with Taipan. I might have a heart attack. \n\nI think this girl needs to find a good friend with benefits and skip out on the whole relationship thing.

      Submitted by monicamischief on Mar 13, 11 at 11:39am
  • I agree with Taipan. Show a little common decency and break up with the guy so he can go find someone that's actually worth dating. Hopefully before you pass him the assortment of STDs you're carrying.

    Submitted by harbqll on Mar 12, 11 at 2:51pm
  • There isn't, you're a vulgar slut. Please promptly end your existence

    Submitted by parsons41286 on Mar 12, 11 at 2:37pm
  • Imagine him doing that to you. Now how does that feel?

    Submitted by anonymouse4 on Mar 12, 11 at 4:17pm
  • Say it's with women

    Submitted by Savagejay on Mar 12, 11 at 2:22pm
    • and film it.

      Submitted by iowawashington on Mar 12, 11 at 2:38pm
      • there is no way he wont say yes...hell he will probably pay for the tickets to wherever you want to go

        Submitted by YeastyPaper on Mar 12, 11 at 6:30pm
        • That's true, too. It's not cheating when it's with women. ;) At least that's the rules in my relationship hahaha.

          Submitted by monicamischief on Mar 13, 11 at 11:41am
          • Pretty sure many women would consider it cheating were the roles reversed and their male partner went behind their back with another guy. Some men think two girls together is hot and get sexual gratification from it. But in a monogamous relationship, cheating is cheating.

            Submitted by Taipan on Mar 13, 11 at 6:36pm
  • Whore.

    Submitted by whitneyfit on Mar 12, 11 at 3:10pm
  • Oh so then you can say you did Europe? I live in Moldova stop by and I know where to find you a job and by job I mean you will be sold as a sex slave.

    Submitted by caver95 on Mar 13, 11 at 12:08am
  • What a whore.... Pathetic....

    Submitted by grizzlyadam22 on Mar 12, 11 at 3:28pm
  • Text your bf exactly what you posted. Then go fill your vagina with stds like a fat chick fills her mouth with m

    Submitted by pussyisgood on Mar 12, 11 at 3:12pm
  • What's being lost in the fact that this girl is a GIGANTIC WHORE is that she must also be completely retarded if she plans to go to 9 countries in 14 days...Enjoy your very expensive train ride...

    Submitted by BobLoblaw138 on Mar 12, 11 at 10:56pm
  • Methinks you're kind of a whore. By which I mean, holy shit what a fucking slag.

    Submitted by skinsss on Mar 12, 11 at 7:59pm
  • Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this vagina wall.

    Submitted by economizer on Mar 12, 11 at 5:28pm
  • What a rotten slut! Don't want the relationship just end it. And I hope ya enjoy ya HIV world tour!

    Submitted by grajotte on Mar 12, 11 at 8:21pm
  • @Stotan you mean filled up with fluid like the panama canal? Where the semen levels keep on rising in her and no way to discretely de-leveling of those fluids; without being known how much of a slut she is...

    Submitted by Reikage_Sanshi on Mar 13, 11 at 12:07am
  • Wow you're disgusting.

    Submitted by starkillerxo on Mar 23, 11 at 11:27pm
  • You should be taken out behind the barn and shot like a rabid dog.

    Submitted by jl61046 on Mar 13, 11 at 10:24am
  • I have to agree with everyone here. What an unbelievable slut.

    Submitted by osirisfrost on Mar 14, 11 at 10:48pm
  • I too agree with Taipan. My brother's ex asked him, "how much flirting is TOO much flirting?" while she was in Spain...yadda yadda yadda...I still have not met her. LoL

    Submitted by colan08 on Mar 13, 11 at 10:52pm
  • Skank fucking whore, I hope you get knocked up

    Submitted by upslims on Mar 12, 11 at 7:06pm
  • It's called Hall Pass.

    Submitted by CrazyManNo9 on Mar 12, 11 at 3:19pm
  • Ummmmm, how about this:\nDear boyfriend, I have a surprise for you when I return. I've left clues to what it is in random vaginas around town. Have fun!!

    Submitted by Duicew1 on Mar 12, 11 at 7:27pm
  • Tell him during sex

    Submitted by 1613 on Apr 8, 11 at 4:28pm
  • Did you guys consider this might be a joke text, though? This sounds like something a girl would send a good friend as a joke. I've sent similar things to my best friend but I would never ever actually cheat.

    Submitted by monicamischief on Mar 13, 11 at 11:40am
  • Stay classy skankwad.

    Submitted by marciemayhem on Mar 13, 11 at 12:05pm
  • It's kinda funny how the first comment predicts how everyone else is going to react! Woohoo for having our own opinions. Just kidding.

    Submitted by camillionaire95 on Mar 15, 11 at 12:21am
    • The first comment was "say it's with women." That's just not how most people feel about this text, though.

      Submitted by iowawashington on Apr 4, 11 at 5:35pm
  • Not in the same area code so doesn't count anyway? Lol

    Submitted by junie519 on Mar 17, 11 at 12:18am
  • American girls are the sluttiest in the world. Unfortunately - not the prettiest.

    Submitted by GrizzlyCat on Mar 12, 11 at 4:37pm
  • You don't you Nasty whore. I hope you end up a play toy to a middle eastern tribe and they fuck you to death.

    Submitted by dsl072 on Mar 13, 11 at 1:59pm
    • This is so incredibly awful, yet I could not have said it better myself.

      Submitted by anonymous8000 on Mar 13, 11 at 10:12pm
  • lol woodhaven michigan... home of all the sluts

    Submitted by brittany69 on May 9, 11 at 7:07pm
  • Yet another text where the bulk of the comments are from people stuck in the 1870's. Yes, she needs to lose her current boyfriend ... and get one that wants an open or Swingers type of relationship.

    Submitted by DarkWolf on Mar 12, 11 at 10:34pm
    • Oh I'm sorry, is being a good person outdated? Silly us, so out of style...

      Submitted by Taipan on Mar 13, 11 at 10:58am
      • Now, wait a minute, being in an open relationship makes one a bad person? I forgot that how kind and caring a person is was somehow linked to sex, so silly. :/

        Submitted by monicamischief on Mar 13, 11 at 11:43am
        • No--Taipan was saying that it's ridiculous that DarkWolf think's it's outdated to be fair to one's boyfriend (and presumably the same with girlfriend.) How is it outdated to think that this girl shouldn't do this depraved thing to her boyfriend?

          Submitted by Res_Ipsa on Mar 13, 11 at 4:30pm
        • Thank you, Res_Ipsa. And Monica, being a horrible, selfish person can absolutely be linked to sex. Those who cheat and those who homewreck, those who still sleep around knowing they have an STI, womanizers who fool women into thinking they want something more than sex and then ditch them, etc.

          Submitted by Taipan on Mar 13, 11 at 6:43pm
  • I love how everyone keeps calling this chick a whore, yeah she is a slut, but if this was a guy you wpuld all be praising him and telling him to tell his gf to make him a sandwich

    Submitted by zosergirl on Mar 13, 11 at 11:25am
    • a) No, no we wouldn't. Not at all.\nb) Even if we did, it still wouldn't make this situation (or your inaccurate hypothetical) right.

      Submitted by Res_Ipsa on Mar 13, 11 at 4:31pm
    • when a woman does something it's bad, when a guy does it, he gets praise...that is the mindset of about 5% of men...the rest of us have our heads on our shoulders. asshole significant others are found in both genders. so please stop with all this bullshit about double standard stuff.

      Submitted by colan08 on Mar 13, 11 at 11:26pm
      • sorry, i forgot the "is" on, "...that is the mindset..."

        Submitted by colan08 on Mar 13, 11 at 11:27pm
      • thank you. i'm sick of people saying men get praise for the sleeping around thing. no one likes a cheating whore, gender is irrelevant.

        Submitted by dat_azz_69 on Mar 14, 11 at 9:52am
    • I repeat my earlier challenge. There are currently 1728 pages of TFLN. Find ONE text with a cheating guy that has a positive comment in the top ten, and post a link as a reply.

      Submitted by iowawashington on Mar 14, 11 at 2:05pm
  • You don't?

    Submitted by fruitloop1221 on Mar 12, 11 at 2:52pm
  • TFLN is a good way to start.

    Submitted by ftnaftw on Mar 12, 11 at 8:22pm
  • just tell him ur a walking STD. I'm sure he'll understand.

    Submitted by andthelion on Mar 13, 11 at 4:28am
  • ...why does it really matter if she's a slut? this site's for funny texts. either you're amused or you're not- you don't need to freak out about who she wants to fuck.

    Submitted by collegelover01 on Mar 12, 11 at 11:35pm
  • ur out of the country so he doesnt need to know

    Submitted by TBONEa on Mar 13, 11 at 8:39am
  • I agree with everything Taipan said!

    Submitted by SALIA on Mar 14, 11 at 2:58am
  • Dear lord. When I see comment threads like this. My jaw drops. \n\nDo you even KNOW what site you are on? Go play on MySpace or something

    Submitted by Supersam1130 on Jan 3, 13 at 11:49pm
  • Dump him right before you leave. Then when you come back, show up to his house in tears and blow him, begging to get back together.

    Submitted by arthurlux on Mar 12, 11 at 3:46pm
  • Not mentioning anything = better for all parties involved.

    Submitted by deenjiee on Mar 12, 11 at 3:36pm
  • Go catch a disgusting European disease and give it to him as a gift for dating such a whore!

    Submitted by Bigolebilly on Mar 14, 11 at 2:07am
  • Just tell him straight up, see his reaction. If it's bad say jk and do it anyways. And if he approves great!!!

    Submitted by queef on Mar 13, 11 at 1:18am
  • what happens in Europe stays in Europe.

    Submitted by randomchic on Mar 12, 11 at 3:02pm