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  • When do whores realize that condoms are vastly less expensive than plan b... or penicillin shots for that matter?

    Submitted by SketchyKell on Apr 27, 10 at 3:59pm
  • lol @ tense fail. slut. I can't wait to see that vag in 10 years. octopus woman with her fallopian tubes hangin out ahhahah.

    Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 27, 10 at 5:12pm
  • You could also try birth control and condoms.

    Submitted by ddippolito on Apr 27, 10 at 4:12pm
  • Buy a box of Trojans....plan b don't get rid of STDs dummy

    Submitted by evolwayz on Apr 27, 10 at 4:02pm
  • Your uterus is gonna fall out in 10 years. I cant believe chix take that shit so lightly. No one knows the long term effects of that shit

    Submitted by knuckles on Apr 27, 10 at 4:53pm
  • So does he even have sex with you or is this strictly a pimp/prostitute relationship?

    Submitted by maskedman on Apr 27, 10 at 3:46pm
  • if you dont wanna get knocked up, go on the pill. you'll spend the same amount on a months worth and its better for you. and then use a condom to prevent STDS. i love how this text is so obviously from a white trash 15 year old

    Submitted by AnimeBabe on Apr 27, 10 at 6:42pm
  • The more plan b u use. The less it works in ur body.

    Submitted by Crazyhair87 on Apr 27, 10 at 4:35pm
    • That's completely untrue you moron, it's made of the same hormones as birth control pills, it's just a much higher dose. I've been on birth control pills for 5 years and I've never had a pregnancy scare.

      Submitted by TheUniverse on Apr 27, 10 at 10:47pm
  • Are you serious? You use Plan B that often? I sincerely hope it's make you sterile by now, because idiots like you shouldn't be breeding. Plan B is exactly that, a back up plan for emergencies when regular birth control fails. Way to waste this guy's money.

    Submitted by puzzleattack on Apr 27, 10 at 6:18pm
  • Ever heard of a condom dipshit? You are both fucking idiots. You should never reproduce and bring more idiots into the world.

    Submitted by ONE_HUNG_LOW on Apr 27, 10 at 7:53pm
  • Use a condom!!! Come on

    Submitted by Bouldergirl68 on Apr 27, 10 at 9:41pm
  • omg plan B is not birth control!!! I get sick when I read this stuff, like jeez, enjoy ruining your uterus beyond fertility!

    Submitted by Ally1125 on Apr 28, 10 at 11:13am
  • Maybe some of your, I mean your parent's, money should go towards birth control pills.

    Submitted by NCA on Apr 27, 10 at 6:29pm
  • the nice thing is, these people are so retarded no one will be able to tell when the syphillis makes them crazy. i never realized how unusual it was to use condoms, morons

    Submitted by nurseypoo on Apr 28, 10 at 2:32am
  • Whore!

    Submitted by mybizzy on Apr 28, 10 at 1:38am
  • Time to get a pack of condoms

    Submitted by Beaglehead on Apr 27, 10 at 11:12pm
  • Why don't you just get birth control you dumbass skank.

    Submitted by MissKitKa on Apr 27, 10 at 10:13pm
  • buy some fuckin condoms!

    Submitted by professorbananas on Apr 28, 10 at 7:40am
  • That is awesome

    Submitted by tiffanyautumn916 on Apr 27, 10 at 10:24pm
  • I love you, 402 :)

    Submitted by trahb on Apr 27, 10 at 4:46pm
  • If you don't want a child then either use a condom or get on the pill. Dumbass bitches.

    Submitted by hjifg on Apr 27, 10 at 5:10pm
  • Get your tubes tied. You should never breed.

    Submitted by hvltn on Apr 28, 10 at 12:52am
  • So how much is plan b these days?

    Submitted by wackyjoker on Apr 27, 10 at 9:12pm
  • hahaha. That's the way to go!

    Submitted by cubsgrl1908 on Apr 28, 10 at 1:17am
  • You realize that if you just used the pill, he could spend all that money on shit you actually want, right?

    Submitted by Herschel on Apr 28, 10 at 12:00am
  • What is plan b lol

    Submitted by biggin on Apr 29, 10 at 6:29pm
  • idiot... just buy birth control...

    Submitted by Shrasa on May 8, 10 at 8:43pm
  • SLUT!

    Submitted by cfreymarc on Apr 27, 10 at 3:51pm
  • Three words ... USE A CONDOM! Dumbass.

    Submitted by ar4110 on Apr 27, 10 at 11:45pm
  • So wait is she knocked up now or is this a Ima slut who thinks ahead thing?

    Submitted by uhateme on Apr 27, 10 at 4:17pm
  • While it is alarming that there are so many Plan B texts on here, there are so many comments emphasizing the use of regular, responsible contraceptives and smarter sexual practices that I'm almost proud of us and the sex-ed that has had so much impact!

    Submitted by muahahaha on Apr 28, 10 at 2:20am
  • first

    Submitted by skyeleah on Apr 27, 10 at 3:45pm
  • maybe the condom broke ?

    Submitted by qwertyuioppa on Apr 27, 10 at 7:15pm
    • this text makes it seem like it's been WAY more than one time. If their condoms are breaking that much they need to try out some different sizes or brands or something, 'cause that's not normal.

      Submitted by kayrenee on Apr 28, 10 at 8:43pm
  • Pull out

    Submitted by nymoemt on Apr 27, 10 at 7:49pm
  • $50 huh? Big spender!

    Submitted by Michguy on Sep 2, 11 at 10:03pm
  • Save ur money and buy a condom for a buck. Or go on a massive raid at planned parenthood.\nPlan b is getting old..

    Submitted by Qwyzm on Apr 27, 10 at 6:02pm