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  • Submitted by iowawashington on Apr 22, 11 at 3:09pm

    From 1 to morally wrong this is a Michael Jackson.

  • Submitted by unbrkme626 on Apr 22, 11 at 6:28pm

    this message could very well have been someone just saying that as a joke.. I've said the same thing about nyquil to my friends that know my kids don't sleep easily.. would I ever do it? hell no! but sayin it to vent is another story. back off people -_-

  • Submitted by smdougl4 on Apr 22, 11 at 8:23pm

    Or maybe this person works at a daycare and screaming babies were driving her insane and she was being sarcastic. Or maybe there's a special place in hell for people like this. Or maybe this was just a joke. Lets all speculate.

  • Submitted by TtotheHort on Apr 23, 11 at 3:03am

    At first I thought this said 'ethnically speaking,' and I was a bit lost.

  • Submitted by MontanaWildhack on Apr 22, 11 at 10:40pm

    I think too many of you lack the right combo of lots of time spent around children, and an incredibly fucked up sense of humor required to find this funny. I wish there was a site specifically for parents to post their funny texts.

  • Submitted by mintyshake on Apr 22, 11 at 3:25pm

    You should have been aborted...hypothetically speaking.

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    Submitted by enormoustard on Apr 22, 11 at 10:49pm

    It's a joke people... I have a newborn and I thought this was funny. Yes, it can be frustrating when your baby doesn't sleep, but this person obviously wouldn't give their baby any medication to put them asleep. Lighten up and laugh at a funny frustrated person's comment.

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    Submitted by singer4life666 on Apr 23, 11 at 6:59am

    Lol at everyone losing their shit over this text.

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    Submitted by takeajokealrdy on Apr 23, 11 at 12:25am

    Why are you people even viewing this site if you have you ha e your head so far up your ass and can't take a joke? Obviously this person isnt going to harm a child they SO frustrating

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    Submitted by suicidal_sal on Apr 22, 11 at 9:16pm

    it's in the "going to hell" level

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    Submitted by PolarBare on Apr 26, 11 at 9:04am

    Why is everyone speculating with 100% certainty that it is or isn't a joke.

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    Submitted by daspazatron on May 3, 11 at 1:19am

    This was one reason we have mental hospitals

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    Submitted by said8ED on Apr 22, 11 at 8:46pm

    iowawa wins the Round

  • Submitted by Phys on Apr 22, 11 at 4:15pm

    You know those posters who everyone encourages not to procreate? When they do have kids you're the result

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    Submitted by hotmilf on Apr 22, 11 at 3:14pm

    Wrong. And bad if u really have to ask lol

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    Submitted by starfishy on Apr 22, 11 at 5:58pm

    Let's put it this way... over 9000.

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    Submitted by bloodyfuck on Apr 26, 11 at 2:56pm

    Go turn yourself into the police. You don't deserve freedom.

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    Submitted by Tebisgod on Apr 26, 11 at 2:42am

    its a fuckin joke everyone, chill the fuck out

  • Submitted by EMTPirate on Apr 22, 11 at 3:32pm

    It's a Heath Ledger.\nGive it Benadryl, or Promethazine. The doses are weight based, and promethazine readily mixes with good and drink. Applesauce is my favorite mixer for juvenile patients.

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    Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 23, 11 at 7:35am

    10:40... Nothing would be funny about that website.

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    Submitted by vagrancy on Apr 12, 12 at 1:10am


  • Submitted by CrazyManNo9 on Apr 22, 11 at 3:21pm

    Look up Caylee Anthony and how she died. Not funny.

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      Submitted by hmmmidk on Apr 22, 11 at 4:34pm

      What does ambien have to do with how Caylee Anthony was murdered?

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    Submitted by firstyrocks94 on Apr 22, 11 at 8:51pm

    It is possible this is a joke or someone being sarcastic. I seriously doubt anyone could be THAT stupid. The actual fucked up thing is that someone posted it on here thinking it'd be funny.

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    Submitted by UNconTROLLABLE on Apr 22, 11 at 7:40pm

    Haha. That's almost as funny as a diesel abortion machine!!

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    Submitted by whatnow on Apr 23, 11 at 2:18pm

    Beyond morally wrong

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    Submitted by Michguy on Apr 22, 11 at 5:16pm

    Why did this make it through?

  • Submitted by acarli1 on Apr 22, 11 at 6:10pm

    Wow. Seriously 95 people liked this??? I would kick ur ass and take ur baby if I knew who u were.

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      Submitted by EMTPirate on Apr 22, 11 at 9:39pm

      I welcome that challenge. I liked it then have a list of better drug choices. I challenge you to a duel, do you accept, or are you a coward?

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        Submitted by acarli1 on Apr 23, 11 at 11:35pm

        Ha!! I accept your challenge!! And being a pharmacist and a MOTHER I would never give my child a sleep aid of zolpidem (ambien), promethazine (anit-nausea), or benadryl (anti-histamine). Read your baby a book and rock it to sleep or take a parenting class. I usually find 99% of tfln HIGHlarious but potentially killing your baby for some peace and quite...just kinda not funny to me.

  • Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on Apr 22, 11 at 3:58pm

    Please tell me this is a joke and you're not seriously considering this. This is at the "Child Services should take away your kid" level of bad.

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    Submitted by JewFrow on May 10, 11 at 1:26pm

    It's a furkin joke people. Relax

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    Submitted by Stotan1228 on Apr 22, 11 at 11:47pm

    *Love,\nPerson Who Needs To Be Sterilized.

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    Submitted by moneta on Apr 23, 11 at 9:57pm

    You're an idiot whoever asked this question.

  • Submitted by briane04 on Apr 22, 11 at 3:31pm

    You are a very stupid person...not funny in the least bit.

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    Submitted by whiterabbit920 on Apr 23, 11 at 9:33am

    amen montana

  • Submitted by deenjiee on Apr 22, 11 at 4:01pm

    Wrong enough that if I knew where you were I would A) call the cops and B) rush over to kick your ass before they showed up.