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  • So the kid was a little frustrated and decided to release some sexual tension. He's probably too busy with school to waste his time with a girlfriend right now. College isn't forever lol

    Submitted by MontanaWildhack on Nov 30, 10 at 11:11am
    • You make quality comments on this site, marinananana. Props to ya.

      Submitted by said8ED on Nov 30, 10 at 3:32pm
  • good to see some Reddit/rage memes up in this bitch

    Submitted by Straws on Nov 30, 10 at 6:16pm
  • Ha! 4chan reference.

    Submitted by buckshot_0001 on Nov 30, 10 at 6:13pm
  • You did not have to tell anyone cunt

    Submitted by Misssbarry on Dec 1, 10 at 3:36am
  • I wish I'd enjoyed my school work that much

    Submitted by 3knucklesdeep on Nov 30, 10 at 6:03pm
  • Hahahaha I can totally see the tumblr forever alone face too! :)

    Submitted by kai5683 on Dec 4, 10 at 2:54am
  • failllllllll.

    Submitted by Anonymous on Nov 30, 10 at 10:08am
  • I can just see the tumblr forever alone face. Ahh.

    Submitted by moremadison on Nov 30, 10 at 6:47pm
  • Marinananana, forever alone is a joke. :)

    Submitted by defeated on Nov 30, 10 at 4:49pm
  • Guess the boy needs to invest in buying those expensive real dolls for sex; that appear almost too real. Best part it's a big Barbie Doll he could dress up to look nice and later fuck!!

    Submitted by Reikage_Sanshi on Dec 1, 10 at 3:08am
  • What the fuck is wrong with jerking off? I am confused.........and jerking off....oh! Oh! Yes!!! Yes!!!! Ahhhh.........that was a good one....

    Submitted by niceman on Dec 1, 10 at 11:06am
  • Sounds like a serial killer in the making

    Submitted by HARDCASTLE98 on Dec 1, 10 at 5:24am

    Submitted by Thepresident on Nov 30, 10 at 2:49pm
  • He should have just asked you to do it for him! :( fired

    Submitted by noble_sunny on Nov 30, 10 at 12:59pm
  • lulz

    Submitted by gh2gh2 on Nov 30, 10 at 10:50am
  • What is it with dudes "jerking off" like seriously, ever heard of a GIRLFRIEND?

    Submitted by gf08 on Nov 30, 10 at 10:23am