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  • Submitted by emmalee1203 on Sep 23, 10 at 12:23am

    4 lokos is like tequilla, either you have a good story to tell the next day, or you want to crawl in a hole and die the next day, there really is very little between

  • Submitted by blitted on Sep 22, 10 at 4:40pm

    Lokos taste like sweaty asshole.

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      Submitted by urallstupid on Sep 22, 10 at 5:26pm

      I agree. I would have to get paid to drink that shit.

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      Submitted by ur_a_towel on Sep 22, 10 at 9:37pm

      When she says "sweating our four lokos", that's actually where it comes from: sweaty alcoholics at the gym

  • Submitted by Valkyrie on Sep 22, 10 at 5:53pm

    I feel so sheltered. Im more familiar with "sweaty asshole" then these "four lokos".... but it seems Im not missing anything.....

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    Submitted by thetruth13 on Sep 22, 10 at 11:39pm

    2 for $6 gets you fucked up

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    Submitted by cdese on Sep 23, 10 at 12:10am

    Lokos are for pussies?? Man.. I don't know what kind of lokos y'all had, but a can or two will get the job DONE!

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    Submitted by DoorSlut on Sep 23, 10 at 9:46am

    Someone has OBVIOUSLY not had 4 loko. I had 4 and thought two girls on campus were water nymphs playing acoustic guitar for the elves living in the shrubbery on the drill field. \nI WASN'T EVEN HIGH.

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      Submitted by cdese on Sep 23, 10 at 11:13pm


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    Submitted by FSU2012 on Sep 23, 10 at 1:05pm

    I'm thinking this is a Fitchburg Student... haha 508+the rate four lokos are growing on people here....

  • Submitted by lacybaby on Sep 22, 10 at 4:27pm

    Four lokos are amazinngggg

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    Submitted by getemwhileskinny on Sep 22, 10 at 9:37pm

    at least youre not sweating vodka...

  • Submitted by MandatoryPants on Sep 23, 10 at 4:03am

    Even if it is paradoxical, I wish there was an alcoholic drink that hydrated you as you drank it. That would help cure a lot of hangover headaches.

  • Submitted by gsansbury on Sep 22, 10 at 7:49pm

    I tried one and only got 3 sips down before I burped stomach acid.

  • Submitted by mikmac on Sep 23, 10 at 2:23am

    4lokos!\nDrink that when I wanna get ghetto!

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    Submitted by sup3rmanw1ll on Sep 23, 10 at 12:08am


  • Submitted by getemwhileskinny on Sep 23, 10 at 8:29am

    yeah idk what yall are sayin. id like to see that guy drink 3 and try to walk a straight line.

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    Submitted by raveycandyass on Sep 27, 10 at 9:03pm

    I love four loko. Got shitfaced after one. Thats how i build my tolerance

  • Submitted by blackhalfrican on Sep 22, 10 at 6:40pm

    Four Lokos are a girls drink... Give me some rum and coke or some 1800.

  • Submitted by homesickalien on Oct 7, 10 at 1:24pm

    Joose has half the calories of 4 Loko and gets you just as fucked up. Just sayin.

  • Submitted by a_mayo_packet on Sep 23, 10 at 12:47am

    508... hmm i might know you.. greendale YMCA?

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    Submitted by rh1442 on Sep 24, 10 at 2:53am

    The best Loko x 4 is the blue raspberry flavor. Easiest to get down, will get the job done fast. Some of the best times that Ill never remember...

  • Submitted by 69_Charger on Sep 23, 10 at 9:46am

    Mandatory pants... Switch to mojitos or gin and tonic... Both are mostly water based drinks so your drinking water as you get drunk... No hangover...

  • Submitted by adrianna420 on Sep 23, 10 at 5:55am

    or you could drink a glass of water for every drink you drink thus making you not have one or one as sever just saying

  • Submitted by emilysophie on Sep 22, 10 at 10:27pm

    Four Lokos are for pussies.

  • Submitted by bar9690 on Sep 22, 10 at 4:24pm