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  • Submitted by hooah33 on Aug 20, 10 at 2:23pm

    The two things women overlook when making themselves up. Shaving/cleaning down there and totally ignoring the tiny mustache or sideburns they have growing. What was a 9 dropped to a 6 without taking proper care. Nasty

  • Submitted by AliasMe on Aug 20, 10 at 4:43pm

    Douching is a horrible idea. Great way to get more infections. Just use lady soap for down there.

  • Submitted by K66Aggression on Aug 20, 10 at 2:34pm

    you can be the hottest girl ever but to go down on you when you havent cleaned up right is fuckin disgusting. no rotten tuna!!!

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      Submitted by sicklidae on Aug 22, 10 at 3:34pm

      fish smell = infection, not that they forgot to clean up

  • Submitted by j00kn0w on Aug 20, 10 at 2:16pm

    "Mom when do you know when you should start douching?" Mom replies, "Maybe you should ask those seagulls following you!"

  • Submitted by dre623 on Aug 20, 10 at 4:30pm

    that's what you get when you date michael phelps. the man has to be prepared when swimming in the sea of pussy he's got coming his way.

  • Submitted by sicklidae on Aug 20, 10 at 2:52pm

    If it smells like trout... get the fuck out!\n\nbtw guys... if a girl smells like dead fish it means she has an infection. nasty.

  • Submitted by wwiiace on Aug 20, 10 at 4:22pm

    yeah i call fake on this too. either tge dude just got outof a pool (not likely) or he should have said, 'go shower, ill wait'. no dude does this. not fucking ever. i believe the OP is a smelly whore though.

  • Submitted by TheRuleBook on Aug 20, 10 at 2:17pm

    Was his head shaved as well?

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    Submitted by Fear_Cartaidh on Aug 20, 10 at 7:45pm

    Clean your snatch.

  • Submitted by RaCk on Aug 20, 10 at 6:32pm

    He must have been really desperate to bury himself in such filth and you are one lucky girl that found a guy that would do that regardless. He sounds like a keeper. LOL

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    Submitted by iBlonde on Aug 21, 10 at 11:39am

    I love how the immediate response is that she smells bad...not that the dude was immature or being a punk....

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    Submitted by hooah33 on Aug 20, 10 at 4:37pm

    Jaynebabyy- I'm saying that improper cleaning and grooming take hot chicks down a few notches. Chicks spend hours on makeup but neglect basic hygiene making them unattractive. Chill the fuck out.

  • Submitted by wassupp on Aug 20, 10 at 2:13pm

    That's nasty. So very nasty

  • Submitted by Valkyrie on Aug 20, 10 at 2:14pm

    oh my...he sounds homosexual...or maybe he's a swimmer?

  • Submitted by TJohnst on Aug 20, 10 at 8:17pm


  • Submitted by mintyshake on Aug 20, 10 at 5:19pm

    Suggestion: WASH THAT FISH!!!

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    Submitted by mcat on Aug 22, 10 at 11:35am

    If he's that much of a pussy he shouldn't be eating it!

  • Submitted by RockAndTroll on Aug 21, 10 at 4:22am

    Must be a derka girl

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    Submitted by Belle77 on Aug 20, 10 at 3:19pm

    My thoughts are if he's been there before damn u need to wash. But he's stupid cause if u need nose plug then the taste must be something like rotten fish. Omg I have never been there but since I am female or straight I would not.

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    Submitted by enoxxx on Aug 20, 10 at 3:03pm

    dirty bitch

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    Submitted by chicken_fucker on Aug 21, 10 at 5:53pm

    That's cuz u smelly.

  • Submitted by queent9 on Aug 20, 10 at 4:36pm


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    Submitted by hjjhgfuikkohv on Aug 21, 10 at 12:31am

    i actually rolled my eyes after reading the second part.

  • Submitted by ilovewhores on Aug 20, 10 at 3:35pm

    i would have puked in you on purpose. chicks like you are the the reason whores get a bad name

    • Submitted by peaceloveshaina on Aug 20, 10 at 8:28pm

      ...a whore is a bad name already, genius.

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        Submitted by ilovewhores on Aug 22, 10 at 11:25pm

        i LOVE whores. so it isn't a bad name. jerk

  • Submitted by Broken_Soldier on Aug 21, 10 at 12:58am

    That's why guys should look, feel, and smell first. When I'm with my girlfriends, I touch It first, smell my fingers and then decide. And if I feel bush, no way.

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      Submitted by not_alice on Aug 23, 10 at 1:38am

      The smell thing, I get. The hair thing? Grow up. As long as a woman keeps herself clean, having hair shouldn't be a problem. It grows for a reason. I don't complain about you not being shaved completely. Why? Because where you are hairy doesn't usually end up in my mouth. Last time I checked, clits aren't hairy either. With your attitude, I wouldn't expect head any time soon.

  • Submitted by babe975 on Aug 20, 10 at 8:58pm

    i know what hooah is talkin about and agree. why would the OP let him if she knew she stunk? and a woman def knows she stinks!!

  • Submitted by Jughead on Aug 20, 10 at 3:59pm


  • Submitted by yakturk43 on Aug 20, 10 at 2:51pm

    Maybe if u wiped/shaved/cleaned properly he wouldn't have to

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    Submitted by jrod02 on Aug 22, 10 at 5:15am

    Nasty tuna fish slut. Ur pussy is probly as wide as the ocean too if u smell that bad. That's the first and last time he'll go down on you. Nasty tuna slut lmao

  • Submitted by guitar_boy on Aug 21, 10 at 1:20pm

    Well maybe you should clean your snatch!

  • Submitted by jaynebabyyy on Aug 20, 10 at 3:45pm

    hooah you should kill yourself.. you don't know what the fuck you're talkin about.\n\nunless you get no good butt. in which case, sorry.