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  • pretty ironic cuz if a guy is good enough to get a girl to cum all over his face, he's instant husband material.

    Submitted by bandaid on Jul 30, 10 at 7:14am
  • Untrue. If you're going to be married for 40 years you better have someone who has no inhibitions and is willing to do different things or it will get boring fast. Id say its a good sign

    Submitted by nmstew on Jul 30, 10 at 10:51am
    • I would prefer my spouse to have SOME inhibitions, wouldn't you? and you can be open to different things without wanting semen on your face. and since the people hypothetically in question aren't married yet, the fact that the chick's okay with it probably just means she's a little lacking in self-respect

      Submitted by anonymous8906 on Jul 30, 10 at 3:44pm
      • sounds like you want to marry a Nun...have fun with that!

        Submitted by BingoBOB on Jul 30, 10 at 9:22pm
        • you're right, I forgot all women love jizz on their face except nuns. and I'm a chick. plenty of fun kinky shit to do that doesn't involve burning eyes or sticky cheeks. I prefer sexual acts that I actually get to enjoy, too.

          Submitted by anonymous8906 on Jul 31, 10 at 12:16pm
      • and your narrow view and belief that only your views on sex are correct and that anyone who enjoys "kinkier" or "degrading" sex in your view means you have passed beyond the necessary self respect to the "too annoyingly concerned about being right to even be considered for sex" level

        Submitted by annon1973 on Aug 2, 10 at 5:56pm
        • I'm definitely annoyingly concerned about being right, but I don't think not wanting a faceful of semen should put me out of the running for sex. all I said is "I" would like a spouse that wants to do something I enjoy, too. I said she's "probably" lacking self-respect- I know there are women who enjoy facials, it's just not a majority. many of them do it just to please a guy, and I'm sorry but there are so many more mutually pleasing acts that you could be p

          Submitted by anonymous8906 on Aug 3, 10 at 12:16am
  • No way man. If a girl let's you finish on her face, that's one step closer to wife material.

    Submitted by cheesegoat on Jul 30, 10 at 2:52pm
  • Rule 324: Guys and Girls don't share the same views on martial status material.

    Submitted by TheRuleBook on Jul 30, 10 at 8:21am
  • Wrong

    Submitted by Dan_Obrien on Jul 30, 10 at 8:40am
  • Yeah but anal is instant wife material.

    Submitted by anonmyous on Jul 30, 10 at 7:15am
    • you want the mother of your children to be the kind of person who wants things put in their ass?

      Submitted by anonymous8906 on Jul 30, 10 at 9:48am
      • Wife =/= mother, buddy. There are plenty of childfree women who are in happy marriages.

        Submitted by Vilexxica on Jul 30, 10 at 6:10pm
        • I know this. just speaking hypothetically. people don't like to think about moms doing anal. and the point is, women who enjoy anal are a minority and aren't some golden find. if I were a dude I would prefer my wife to enjoy sex rather than just do stuff because I want it and secretly resent me for it.

          Submitted by anonymous8906 on Jul 31, 10 at 12:19pm
  • How many licks does it take to get to the center of the ... Oops it's all over your face

    Submitted by hooah33 on Jul 30, 10 at 1:49pm
  • This is seriously effed. The idea that being sexually open is a bad sign in a women is soooo 19th century. You want a wife who is comfortable with her own body and needs and is willing to meet yours.

    Submitted by feddokro on Jul 30, 10 at 11:42pm
    • does anyone "need" to jizz on someone's face, though? I agree that sexuality in women shouldn't be condemned, I just don't think sexual acts that only serve men and can not (often) be reciprocated are really with-the-times either.

      Submitted by anonymous8906 on Aug 3, 10 at 12:23am
  • @6.31 angry pirate is THE shit!!

    Submitted by lambats on Jul 30, 10 at 8:27am
  • Then what the hell is code for coming in her mouf?

    Submitted by bitch_im_fly on Jul 30, 10 at 10:54am
  • A guy close - minded enough to lose respect for a girl because she lets him cum on her face = not husband material.

    Submitted by lilly123 on Sep 8, 10 at 2:43pm
  • I'd have to say she is perfect wife material. Every wife will nag and bitch about things! If you can nut on her face, then it's worth it to be can pay them back for the nagging and bitching.

    Submitted by sick1200 on Jul 30, 10 at 10:52am
    • this is why women don't typically like facials. "pay them back for nagging"? sexual acts shouldn't be used for punishment, or revenge. you've just confirmed that many men who like jizzing on a girl's face probably just enjoy the fact that it's degrading

      Submitted by anonymous8906 on Jul 30, 10 at 3:45pm
      • There are women who like it because it's degrading, too. It's all about how you like to be treated during sex.

        Submitted by kawaiichan09 on Jul 31, 10 at 2:22am
        • understandable, yes. I did say "typically". but there are a lot of underlying psychological issues in a woman who associates sex with lowering her self-respect. it is not the norm.

          Submitted by anonymous8906 on Jul 31, 10 at 12:20pm
          • Just because a woman likes to be degraded during sexual acts doesn't mean there's anything wrong with her.

            Submitted by kawaiichan09 on Aug 1, 10 at 3:28am
            • okay, I will admit you're right. but I would love to know at what point in their lives they began to associate being treated poorly with getting off or eroticism. I don't mean that sarcastically, I really am curious why some people feel that way.

              Submitted by anonymous8906 on Aug 3, 10 at 12:22am
  • Anon8609, you're a fucking prude. Nobody said this text was about YOUR ideas of kinky, fun or self respect.. Most guys would live their wives to be into anal. N my fiancé gets treated sometimes by giving me a facial, I get off on him liking it so much. Grow up.

    Submitted by Glitch on Aug 1, 10 at 4:38pm
    • could not agree more! When did facials become all that kinky anyways? I'm the first for equal rights, but when did doing something your man gets pleasure out of become so "degrading"? Who cares if you're a mom and you like anal/facials? If you have a prob with women being open to their man's desires, go back to the priory!

      Submitted by iconoclast615 on Aug 2, 10 at 12:30am
      • they're not all that kinky. I think they are uncomfortable and absurd, not kinky. they are degrading because of the symbolism of the act- to me, the face is not an erogenous (sp?) zone or altogether sexual. come on someone's tits, fine. come up my nose? not sexy, and not fun. I don't altogether understand why guys find it so titillating but to me it is about submission and gender roles. be open to your man's desires, but why not question WHY he desires what he does?

        Submitted by anonymous8906 on Aug 3, 10 at 12:33am
        • Ok.. then don't let a guy cum on your face. That is your right and you have a valid argument. But don't force your gender/sex issues onto the rest of us.

          Submitted by freckleface on Aug 7, 10 at 3:33pm
    • hey, I didn't say anyone had to agree with me, I'm just frustrated with the overwhelming amount of comments I see that imply women who DON'T want jizz in their eyes are, as you say, prude. I like sex, I like kinky sex, I also like pleasing my partner. I DON'T like doing things that ONLY please my partner and make me feel like I am territory to be marked. this is a personal preference but I am sick of being made to feel like I am not "open-minded" enough because of it.

      Submitted by anonymous8906 on Aug 3, 10 at 12:26am
      • apparently it's okay for you to tell me that MY ideas of what is fun (or not) are wrong but I can not do the same. I also dislike that "most guys would love their wives to be into anal"- I am made to feel inferior to some girls who are willing to do whatever a dude asks for (or those who enjoy it) simply because I don't find the feeling of something entering my ass either pleasurable or fun. so I should feel bad about myself for not being "open" enough becaus

        Submitted by anonymous8906 on Aug 3, 10 at 12:30am
        • *because I don't enjoy anal. I don't appreciate that I may not be "wife material" to some people because I don't want anything in my ass, and "If you can nut on her face, then it's worth it to be can pay them back for the nagging and bitching." just proves that some men enjoy facials for the wrong reasons.

          Submitted by anonymous8906 on Aug 3, 10 at 12:36am
          • jesus christ. you're taking this way too seriously. firstly, the face is an erogenous zone, assuming your lips are on your face. secondly, while i've never had a load blown in my face or anal, i'd hardly be offended if a guy didn't wanna marry me because i didn't desire those things. different strokes for different folks. thirdly, find someone who shares the same sexual interests as you and stop judging people for having different views on sex than you do. you sound like a broken record

            Submitted by bandaid on Aug 8, 10 at 10:47am
  • Or potentially that he's not husband material?

    Submitted by jltc on Apr 15, 11 at 1:06am
  • Bukkake is where it's at. Squirt on my face = I'm a very happy boy.

    Submitted by nib4el on Jul 31, 10 at 11:00am
  • that's hilarious cause I just read a text where some chick got jizzed on ::sighs:: there's always the chance that whoever you do marry in the future may have at some point caught one in the mug....

    Submitted by jthenailer on Jul 30, 10 at 10:49pm
  • Sad but true

    Submitted by afro on Jul 30, 10 at 6:17am
  • All the women I've ever given a facial to have been milfs in their 40's. So hot!

    Submitted by jonyco5 on Jul 6, 11 at 12:36pm
  • Haha No, it means we love you! That's why we do the Angry Pirate. =D

    Submitted by Sav775 on Jul 30, 10 at 6:31am
  • Agreed!!

    Submitted by weinerboy on Jul 30, 10 at 11:04am
  • @anon: you are my new hero

    Submitted by karebear624 on Aug 1, 10 at 1:09am
  • Couldn't be more wrong...

    Submitted by dwilliams0789 on Jul 30, 10 at 10:05pm
  • I'm a girl.. and I rather enjoy when males finish on my face. So allll youu cannn suck it. Just saying.

    Submitted by babybitchx0 on Aug 5, 10 at 7:56am
  • Awesome!

    Submitted by crazyj2500 on Jul 30, 10 at 8:17pm
  • @nmstew so very true. I agree wholeheartedly.

    Submitted by TiCkLe_Me_EmO on Jul 30, 10 at 6:56pm
  • Lol if they only knew.

    Submitted by redford on Jul 30, 10 at 11:36am
  • Legonut4 rocks the comments!

    Submitted by adnama71 on Jul 30, 10 at 7:37am
  • truer words have not been spoken

    Submitted by ingebeastly on Jul 30, 10 at 2:17pm
  • What's the angry pirate?!?! Im intrigued!

    Submitted by jha816 on Jul 30, 10 at 3:31pm
  • That's degrading in my oipion I wouldn't want that done it really makes them think o yea I own this b**ch I've asked several guys and they told me that's the way they think of it as

    Submitted by LifeGuard on Aug 4, 10 at 11:06am
  • Don't reveal the Guy Codes!

    Submitted by Jake_Off on Jul 30, 10 at 2:37pm
  • Oh hello San Antonio

    Submitted by awesomesaucechk on Jul 30, 10 at 10:44am
  • what if it's an accident? haha

    Submitted by wolf0x13 on Aug 3, 10 at 7:42pm
  • Omg that's so sweet no guy has ever came on my face! I must be perfect wifey material :X !!! <3 hehehehe

    Submitted by grandmasboy on Jul 30, 10 at 2:46pm
  • no that is a requirement for any girl(whore) that i date

    Submitted by ilovewhores on Jul 31, 10 at 12:40am
  • It's funny because if u cum on someones face it means u don't love them.

    Submitted by legonut4 on Jul 30, 10 at 6:58am
  • Or she is cause she's down to enjoy pretty much any way two lovers can

    Submitted by hogfish on Jun 25, 12 at 8:48pm
  • I agree with Stew!

    Submitted by niteride on Sep 15, 12 at 5:46pm
  • Cumming on your face also suggests (though there may be exceptions) that perhaps he might not be husband material either.

    Submitted by jltc on Aug 19, 10 at 12:22am
  • Hahaha but who needs a wife! She is fiancé material but never marry tha hoe

    Submitted by rappersdelight on Jul 30, 10 at 6:24am