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  • yeah, we just have real sex, not involving phones, instead...

    Submitted by hstar41 on Jul 9, 10 at 4:46pm
  • So if you don't call it sexting what do you call it? Idk i think "sexting" is pretty catchy...

    Submitted by KaylaFoyt on Jul 9, 10 at 5:24pm
  • I have found that to be true as well. Sexting is like the media name for it.

    Submitted by Daft on Jul 9, 10 at 4:45pm
  • Trust me folks. Sexting leads to sex. Allows you to say things you don't have the balls to say to their face! And it works too!

    Submitted by ibitebcareful on Jul 9, 10 at 6:01pm
  • Love how people are so against "sexting". There's circumstances that don't allow couples to be together for a while, hence the need. So shut up, thanks.

    Submitted by tennisgirl on Jul 10, 10 at 1:20am
  • What about when ur at work and u sext then go home and ravage each other! Not pointless and for virgins, it can be wicked hott

    Submitted by hockeybabe on Jul 10, 10 at 1:20am
  • Not true. I "sext".

    Submitted by alias10 on Jul 9, 10 at 5:27pm
  • Yeah I just call it texting

    Submitted by DanTheMon on Jul 9, 10 at 6:07pm
  • Sextings for virgins

    Submitted by monkey1234 on Jul 9, 10 at 6:29pm
  • Sometimes I call it "getting the screen of my iPhone sticky".

    Submitted by maskedman on Jul 10, 10 at 1:51am
  • i call it sexting and i sext...

    Submitted by manny_bee on Jul 9, 10 at 6:50pm
  • it's kinda like when you're doing a search on amazon. if you like: sexting, then you will like: sex.

    Submitted by TheNewGuy03 on Jul 10, 10 at 5:11am
  • Disagree... I use sexting sometimes to give a taste of what's coming later... N yea I called it sexting... Gotta keep it hot

    Submitted by truuuu on Jul 9, 10 at 11:03pm
  • When my kids do it it's sexting! When I do it it's "flirting"!

    Submitted by allybrat on Jul 10, 10 at 2:10am
  • Sexting is for people who can't get with that guy at the moment. Lol.

    Submitted by Ape23 on Jul 9, 10 at 6:59pm
  • And the only ones who actually do it aren't *actually* having sex. So, yeah...unless there's penetration you're not a winner.

    Submitted by CatSnatchFever on Jul 9, 10 at 9:48pm
  • I do it and I call it sexting.

    Submitted by ericalew on Jul 9, 10 at 8:13pm
  • yeah I pretty much just call it texting

    Submitted by sway22 on Jul 9, 10 at 10:15pm
  • AMEN.

    Submitted by missvee on Oct 31, 10 at 3:20am
  • Don't get me wrong, it's a great thing, but calling it sexting is dumb. And it's media contrived.

    Submitted by monkey1234 on Jul 10, 10 at 3:45pm
  • Very true

    Submitted by jmaddog on Jul 9, 10 at 5:27pm
  • People who call it "sexting" are either really super old or Really super young. And are probably fatty virgins. It's just called talking dirty people :))

    Submitted by asdfghjll on Jul 11, 10 at 4:51am
  • So the people who can't get laid in person call it.....?

    Submitted by butterf1yy on Oct 20, 11 at 3:11pm
  • Aka parents and the news.

    Submitted by cmillss on Jul 10, 10 at 12:21am
  • Hahaha. So true

    Submitted by Sethqb7 on Jul 9, 10 at 4:46pm
  • Haha so true

    Submitted by HannahBaby on Jul 9, 10 at 4:34pm
  • False

    Submitted by TiMnAsTy on Jul 9, 10 at 10:00pm
  • Biggie smalls is the illlllestttt

    Submitted by bobbyhill on Jul 12, 10 at 5:17pm
  • Preach.

    Submitted by gabbylala on Jul 10, 10 at 3:30am

    Submitted by stev1995 on Jul 28, 10 at 8:59am
  • Not true... I've done it and I've also called it sexting.

    Submitted by breanna on Jul 10, 10 at 9:20am
  • Everyone did it before it was named sexting... Thanks to the media that's what it is even though it's a stupid fucking name

    Submitted by guitar_boy on Jul 10, 10 at 8:19am
  • I sext. I call it sexting. And I have actual sex quite frequently.

    Submitted by AoTsuki on Jun 9, 12 at 12:40pm
  • I've been told quite a few times that I'm a good sexter lol.

    Submitted by Iluvbooks94 on Aug 14, 12 at 10:53pm
  • It's def not something we do because we aren't getting any. It's fun to have that build up all day. You think about each other and can't wait to get home. Great when one of you has to go out of town and so on.

    Submitted by CubbiesFan on Jul 10, 10 at 10:57am
  • @sway22 good one lol

    Submitted by zRebirth_Xbox on Jul 10, 10 at 1:36am