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    Submitted by hwrecker on Dec 14, 12 at 2:29pm

    Nothing is attractive about a mound of pubic hair. Clean it up doesn't mean completely shaven/waxed but actual effort of "landscaping" is a must. That goes for guys too!

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    Submitted by windfuelsfire on Dec 14, 12 at 2:05pm

    Bush will come back in style. It's hot as he'll on a girl. I don't like the bald, machete-wound looking version of the pussy

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      Submitted by gangbangstyle on Dec 14, 12 at 7:12pm

      Try having sex with girls old enough to know how to shave with knicking themselves

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    Submitted by OllieFranks on Dec 14, 12 at 4:16pm

    Whatever, bush is nice as long as the actual vagina is kept clean cut. A little patch of fur over the top is sexy, overgrown wilderness is not.

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    Submitted by heylooo on Dec 14, 12 at 11:15pm

    Fur burger champ!

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    Submitted by Michfan69 on Dec 14, 12 at 1:36pm

    So wrong, somethings just aren't going to come back in style.

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    Submitted by Naysayer123 on Dec 14, 12 at 6:14pm

    I like my guys smooth. Having a bunch of hair getting in the way is really annoying.

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      Submitted by Kevin201 on Dec 16, 12 at 2:48pm

      you don't like free dental floss?

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    Submitted by RodFarva on Dec 18, 12 at 4:56pm

    Who wants a moustache ride?

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    Submitted by joshua_valentine on Dec 14, 12 at 1:58pm

    This text is so disgusting that I just threw up in the bush of the girl I was eating out while browsing TFLN!

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      Submitted by Sgt_Ginger on Dec 14, 12 at 4:01pm

      You're doing it wrong

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      Submitted by plygtr85 on Dec 14, 12 at 7:12pm

      eating a beav. awesome at first, then it just gets goddamn monotonous.

      • 32 24
        Submitted by Kevin201 on Dec 16, 12 at 2:49pm

        that's why you change your tactics and focus on her pleasure. it stops being boring that way

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    Submitted by dyzzie on Dec 14, 12 at 10:15pm

    the horror...

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    Submitted by stikybriches on Dec 15, 12 at 3:15am

    I'm not scared to pull out the weed whacker

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    Submitted by NevermindThat on Dec 14, 12 at 3:39pm

    There's nothing attractive about a bush. Besides, growing it out would be an uncomfortable bitch.