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  • Submitted by blahshutup on Sep 9, 12 at 2:03pm

    I can make bacon and grilled cheese too...

  • Submitted by wubbazugg on Sep 9, 12 at 12:13pm

    Reasonable requests.

  • Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on Sep 9, 12 at 4:51pm

    *and* bring you a pregnancy test and a bottle of wine?

  • Submitted by CloroxTaco on Sep 9, 12 at 1:13pm

    I'm in.

  • Submitted by gadawgs23 on Sep 9, 12 at 2:36pm

    Its the bare necessities.

    • Submitted by GA_Peach on Sep 9, 12 at 6:34pm

      The simple bear necessities!

  • Submitted by severedhandofgod on Sep 9, 12 at 8:24pm

    Why can't we share area codes

  • Submitted by grandmasterflash on Sep 9, 12 at 5:24pm

    Got that covered.

  • Submitted by Kamster on Sep 9, 12 at 10:55pm

    I see no problem here

  • Submitted by paintblr20 on Sep 9, 12 at 10:18am

    someone's overweight

  • Submitted by gidget_zombie on Sep 9, 12 at 11:59pm

    Aim high, sister.

  • Submitted by dhooks111490 on Sep 10, 12 at 8:08am

    Who gives a shit about a truck? Are you kidding me? Hick loser

  • Submitted by Jess1991 on Sep 9, 12 at 7:28pm

    never met a guy who can't drive a truck

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    Submitted by DonkeyLipps on Oct 1, 12 at 10:40pm

    That may be her perfect man but she's the perfect woman for having those requirements. OP, I can and will happily do all of those things for you