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  • As a man, I would be very happy to know a girl who makes her own decisions about when to lose her virginity. Sounds like a strong, intelligent, beautiful woman. Cool beans!

    Submitted by equinoxe on Sep 28, 10 at 10:46am
    • Statistically it's healthier for girls not to lose their virginity very young. Good for her!

      Submitted by Griffmaster01 on Sep 28, 10 at 11:23am
    • its nice when u know some girls arent sluts and lose it when theyre 14

      Submitted by a_mayo_packet on Sep 28, 10 at 1:46pm
      • I don't think there is anything wrong with losing you're virginity when you are young. I was 15 and I was in a relationship. We dated for 2 years and once we broke up I didn't sleep with a second person until I was 18. I wouldn't really consider me a slut, thanks.

        Submitted by elainag on Oct 20, 10 at 11:48am
    • It IS good to know that some people think the way you do. Awesome.

      Submitted by SmartyPants092 on Sep 28, 10 at 5:50pm
    • I bet you're very successful in relationships.. aren't you :)

      Submitted by freckleface on Sep 28, 10 at 10:22pm
    • You're my favorite.

      Submitted by LissaSaysTaco on Oct 3, 10 at 6:43pm
    • Exactly, thank you. When a girl chooses to lose her virginity is not up to anyone but her.

      Submitted by iltby on Oct 3, 10 at 10:21pm
  • I'm willing to bet that you are EXACTLY the type of guy that she was avoiding losing her virginity to. My goodness, a woman with standards... what a crazy concept!

    Submitted by ThatOneFatChick on Sep 28, 10 at 12:15pm
  • Yeah I'd say this makes me more happy than disappointed. That's my kind of girl!

    Submitted by MandatoryPants on Sep 28, 10 at 7:32pm
  • My girlfriend is just like that. :D We're both happy for that fact.

    Submitted by moyhing on Sep 28, 10 at 1:26pm
  • Idiots

    Submitted by shy_shy25 on Sep 28, 10 at 10:26am
  • Why is this bullshit? I'm 19 and still a virgin and it's def not cuz I'm not hot or don't get the guys.. because I am and I do.. I just have standards and morals.. Where are all the hot guys who don't just try to fuck? And there should be more ladies who respect themselves..

    Submitted by Essccutiee on Sep 29, 10 at 2:30am
    • aaaandddd now we all know you're ugly

      Submitted by tekmoboots on Sep 30, 10 at 6:47pm
      • Wowww good onee..... I would be offended (prob not) but u don't kno what I look like and u prob wouldn't reach my standards anyways sooo stfu

        Submitted by Essccutiee on Sep 30, 10 at 11:17pm
        • your personal standards do not change your level of attractiveness. your name has "cutie" in it, if you have to tell us that you're attractive, we don't believe it. also, shortening whole phrases down to just the first letters makes you look really really stupid. you are losing a lot of points here.

          Submitted by tekmoboots on Oct 1, 10 at 2:06pm
          • hahah your right im totally ugly..and really did u know? and at least i didnt name myself tekmoboots..

            Submitted by Essccutiee on Oct 23, 10 at 2:07am
  • that's because virgins rock

    Submitted by emmykb on Sep 29, 10 at 11:53pm
  • I'm black

    Submitted by OOimblackOO on Sep 28, 10 at 11:02am
  • I lost it at 19. But I'm no ten. Lol.

    Submitted by hopeybergio on Oct 7, 10 at 11:49pm
  • I love the smell of Copper in the morning....

    Submitted by Rubes_Carnies on Sep 28, 10 at 10:27am
  • Tear that pussy up

    Submitted by pike1346 on Sep 29, 10 at 2:44pm
  • as men this makes it all the more sweeter to turn that sweet innocent girl into a fiery naughty sexy babe

    Submitted by K66Aggression on Sep 28, 10 at 10:19am
  • Jplush: she could be like 23

    Submitted by PoppinNazis on Sep 29, 10 at 1:13am
  • I'm 19 and I'm still a virgin. I'm also pretty attractive. I just have standards. I'm not giving such a special gift to just anyone.

    Submitted by GoodGirl on Sep 29, 10 at 3:29am
  • It's good to know that there are women with standards out there still.

    Submitted by Savagejay on Sep 30, 10 at 11:42am
  • good for her,however i love the whorish ones

    Submitted by ilovewhores on Sep 28, 10 at 2:03pm
  • She could be 23

    Submitted by PoppinNazis on Sep 29, 10 at 1:20am
  • @Jplush. You're a whore.

    Submitted by blackhalfrican on Sep 29, 10 at 12:51am
  • Amen to that

    Submitted by ninjaman181 on Sep 28, 10 at 3:58pm
  • This is such bullshit. If you think she's hot, she's lying about being a virgin. We've all used that one before bc it works on you guys. Try 15 or older.

    Submitted by jplush on Sep 28, 10 at 9:42pm
  • Then again.... O was homeschooled. Surprised I lost it at all....

    Submitted by hopeybergio on Oct 7, 10 at 11:50pm
  • I lost it at 15.... But I'm from long islandd

    Submitted by jplush on Oct 9, 10 at 8:46am
  • She lost her virginity as a teen, sounds like another whore to me.

    Submitted by Smartastic on Sep 28, 10 at 7:59pm