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  • Submitted by Maze95 on Sep 14, 10 at 5:12pm

    Russian Fruit-lette

  • Submitted by supertrooper on Sep 14, 10 at 3:39pm

    Not gonna lie, that's pretty awesome!!!!

  • Submitted by xnewxfacex on Sep 14, 10 at 3:55pm

    Note to self; must try.

  • Submitted by CheezeDetector on Sep 14, 10 at 11:52pm

    Stack container made of clay with juicy fruit ( pine apple, peaches, honey dew, kiwi, etc ... ) and fill with vodka. Dig hole in the ground and leave. The longer the better... Get to freezing point after ...

  • Submitted by K66Aggression on Sep 14, 10 at 3:46pm

    vodka with fresh fruit, GENIUS!

  • Submitted by barebacker on Sep 15, 10 at 3:19pm

    Soaking fruit overnight and serving this at my next party!

  • Submitted by jbwarner86 on Sep 15, 10 at 10:14am

    I'm not gonna lie, that sounds delicious.

  • Submitted by mystomachurts on Sep 14, 10 at 7:21pm

    10 minutes? Umm yeah.. that won't do much. You need to soak them for much longer.

  • Submitted by denialtwist on Oct 13, 10 at 7:30am

    oooh my god. fucking tasty.

  • Submitted by redstar on Sep 14, 10 at 4:20pm

    Mental note: need to try this!

  • Submitted by Valkyrie on Sep 15, 10 at 5:38am

    totally agree with mystomachehurts. the vodka fruit would have to soak atleast overnight.

  • Submitted by CumGuzzler on Sep 14, 10 at 9:58pm

    I soak my fruit in cum for 20 min

  • Submitted by elolsen on Sep 14, 10 at 3:34pm

    So awesome!

  • Submitted by waterdrops on Sep 15, 10 at 12:20am

    "she" sounds like she's in junior high

  • Submitted by shanna061009 on Sep 14, 10 at 10:10pm

    Ugh sherbet isn't a flavour, it's a kind of dessert.

  • Submitted by l8trgal on Sep 14, 10 at 5:37pm


  • Submitted by dopegirlfreshhh on Sep 14, 10 at 11:44pm

    my stomach hurts is the only one wit any common sense!!

  • Submitted by Lavender69 on Sep 15, 10 at 10:18pm

    Best fucking idea someone has had on here

  • Submitted by NataSept on Sep 17, 10 at 11:39pm

    gonna do this.

  • Submitted by brittcool on Sep 15, 10 at 7:17pm

    This is the best idea ever.

  • Submitted by babe975 on Sep 14, 10 at 9:07pm

    I didn't know there was sherbet flavored ice cream!?!

  • Submitted by shitjustgotreal on Sep 14, 10 at 11:52pm

    shes a keeper

  • Submitted by Rubes_Carnies on Sep 14, 10 at 3:54pm

    lame...just drink it you F@g!!