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  • Submitted by merlana on May 6, 10 at 1:18pm

    Except, you know, self respect.

  • Submitted by stacie927 on May 5, 10 at 10:49am

    We Alabamians seem to really love togas........ ROLL TIDE!

  • Submitted by diznit on May 5, 10 at 10:13pm

    Yes it is

  • Submitted by nsgf on May 5, 10 at 7:43am


  • Submitted by pinkcarnation on May 5, 10 at 10:03am

    It's impossible to be unhappy in a poncho.

  • Submitted by ciabee on May 5, 10 at 7:36am

    wooohooo roll tide

  • Submitted by cannabislecter on May 5, 10 at 7:15am

    That's what she said...

  • Submitted by Styphin on May 5, 10 at 8:40am

    It's spelled "you're."

    • Submitted by dsaucoin14 on May 5, 10 at 11:25am

      Its a fucking text, not a novel. Get a grip

  • Submitted by getyousomexo on May 5, 10 at 8:00am

    looking sober isn't easy in a toga

  • Submitted by thomasfk on May 6, 10 at 2:20am

    try taking a shit in a toga. NOT EASIER!

  • Submitted by purpleispretty on May 5, 10 at 11:36pm

    No, it's actually not

  • Submitted by Anonymous on May 5, 10 at 11:58pm

    So that's why monks wear togas go to get one haha

  • Submitted by barspace on May 6, 10 at 2:48am

    Except your boner.

  • Submitted by ashlynp on May 6, 10 at 10:12am

    we're not from t-town and sorry we cant spell. shut the hell up english major

  • Submitted by sammib_1 on Jul 5, 10 at 6:51pm

    I'm pretty sure this is when Murphy's Sports Grill had their toga party! Lmao!

  • Submitted by citizenkane on May 5, 10 at 10:49am

    You're!!! YOU'RE!!!!!! It is not difficult. It's elementary school curriculum. Learn some English, please!

    • Submitted by Murphy334 on May 5, 10 at 7:46pm

      These are people from Tuscaloosa, so trying to educate these bammers is a lost cause.

  • Submitted by cfreymarc on May 5, 10 at 7:30am

    Yup! And the looser the women, the looser their toga!

  • Submitted by boolou on May 6, 10 at 1:16am

    Truer words have nevet been spoken