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  • Submitted by caam1991 on Apr 7, 10 at 8:27am

    getting a blowjob makes you a homo?

  • Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 7, 10 at 8:38am

    That girl needs to learn some better technique obviously.

  • Submitted by DiMpLeZ27 on Apr 7, 10 at 8:29am

    What takes 45 minutes???

  • Submitted by Duuuuude on Apr 7, 10 at 1:57pm

    damn, u betta buy her some flowahs and keep that one around

  • Submitted by pawes on Apr 7, 10 at 8:19am

    Don't ruin his night

  • Submitted by dm7750 on Apr 7, 10 at 8:20am

    Too bad it probably won't happen again. Sorry.

  • Submitted by knomye on Apr 7, 10 at 9:28am


  • Submitted by MissKitKa on Apr 7, 10 at 11:35am

    I've heard that an amazing bj can be the deciding factor of being with someone

  • Submitted by zombielicious on Apr 7, 10 at 5:20pm

    Why does that sound gey? I don't get it?

  • Submitted by _stephanieeanne on Apr 7, 10 at 5:00pm


  • Submitted by EnjoiIt on Apr 7, 10 at 8:24am

    Ohh I wish I was there

  • Submitted by hmmmm on Apr 7, 10 at 11:56am

    978 sounds extremely jealous to me...

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    Submitted by lollerz on Apr 16, 10 at 4:38am

    Um I've definitely been tha

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    Submitted by ibjumpn64 on Apr 8, 10 at 11:36am

    Women who love to give blowjobs rock!

  • Submitted by RAAAAAAAANDY on Apr 7, 10 at 1:55pm

    Ive had an hour before. Girl was fucking terrible and I told her to stop so it could have been longer.

  • Submitted by loveellie on Apr 10, 10 at 1:43am

    I'm sorry but I HATE giving bjs but I'll do it for my guy just because I know he loves them and if he made me do it for that long id never do it again...

  • Submitted by blah_blah_blah on Apr 7, 10 at 6:07pm

    A guy telling a girl how she sucked his dick is qay? Oh man...\n\n(I hate this new app layout, G. A. Y. IS a nice word)

  • Submitted by ThattallguyXD on Apr 7, 10 at 7:18pm

    my friend once went for an hour and a half lol, and i know she isnt bad, hes just a god haha

    • Submitted by random_3 on Apr 9, 10 at 1:40am

      dude, i might know who this is. do you go to the u of a?

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    Submitted by bigmike1016 on Apr 7, 10 at 8:11pm

    OMG 1:05 I honestly feel 4 u

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    Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 7, 10 at 11:53am

    @8:34 I know what you mean

  • Submitted by ffac789 on Apr 7, 10 at 1:43pm

    That's how long it takes me with any girl, so idk what you guys are talking about. Depends on the dude. Doesn't mean I last forever in bed, just got a lot of endurance.

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    Submitted by goldenrae9 on Apr 7, 10 at 8:30am

    Not funny.

  • Submitted by bstorm83 on Apr 7, 10 at 12:26pm

    Boston! Getting the blowjob rep!

  • Submitted by bsitz on Apr 7, 10 at 8:34am

    Get em all the time....ADD makes my mind wander lol

  • Submitted by LBKamil on Apr 7, 10 at 11:52am

    I've got no blowjob since.. 2 weeks fuck.. I missed it xD

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    Submitted by rlawler1 on Jun 21, 10 at 8:30pm

    Someone is doing something wrong

  • Submitted by lovelyguns on Apr 7, 10 at 9:18am


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    Submitted by DerKarismatisch on Jul 12, 12 at 4:19pm

    I'm guessing 978 couldn't come up with a better insult because he's jealous.

  • Submitted by GaryLDN on Apr 7, 10 at 1:05pm

    Been with my girl 16months not one bj :(

    • Submitted by swag_surfin on Apr 7, 10 at 3:57pm

      36 months :(

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        Submitted by xsaint on Apr 8, 10 at 2:08am

        Maybe she's shy. Just ask her or kind of hint by pushing her head downward.. if she's not a complete retard she'll get the idea

        • Submitted by sequioa on Apr 8, 10 at 5:50pm

          yeah some girls just dont like giving head (cant blame em)you guys should just have an honest conversation about it....she wont give if you dont ask\n\ntfln is full of whores so it kinda scews the statistics on girls willing to give head (although the vast majority are willing)

  • Submitted by DublStufOreo on Apr 7, 10 at 8:52am

    1st! Also.... 1st!!!