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  • It depends on what type of zombies they are. Rage zombies like 28 Days Later aren't truly undead, reanimated shuffling corpses are able to simply be outwalked. Know your enemy, know yourself

    Submitted by parsons41286 on Nov 26, 12 at 4:48pm
  • Every comment on this page just makes my inner nerd smile :) anyone wanna be the Columbus to my Wichita?

    Submitted by HaleyyyK on Nov 26, 12 at 7:06pm
    • As long as we can abandon the search for Twinkies and make like Glen and the farmers daughter.

      Submitted by ZombieBitten on Nov 27, 12 at 3:35am
  • The fat ones almost never survive. Gotta be fit to outrun hoards of zombies. Of course, the skinny-but-out-of-shape ones will probably die too. You need stamina.

    Submitted by Kairaya on Nov 26, 12 at 3:18pm
  • Or you could use your fingers fatty...

    Submitted by dannie1288 on Nov 26, 12 at 9:32pm
  • I'm finding you for a meat shield and bait, man titties

    Submitted by badmotherfuker86 on Nov 27, 12 at 4:58pm
  • Well I can't imagine many zombies getting into your mother's basement

    Submitted by Binders_of_Women on Nov 27, 12 at 12:16pm
  • You forgot rule no. 1 about zombieland.

    Submitted by Yeep on Nov 26, 12 at 3:40pm
  • lol wtf fatass with pan and tomato sauce over his face being chased by a zombie.

    Submitted by nicolesHangOva on Nov 26, 12 at 7:36pm
  • @parsons: I wouldn't classify those as zombies. I would call them just what they are, "infected". Therefore they don't fall under the typical zombie behavioral characteristics.

    Submitted by wubbazugg on Nov 26, 12 at 6:54pm
  • Please tell me it was cold too.

    Submitted by HeatherGdubV on Nov 29, 12 at 4:00pm