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  • Submitted by lol_wat on Sep 9, 12 at 11:04pm

    the important question is did you spit or swallow?

  • Submitted by arnoldziffle on Sep 9, 12 at 3:14pm

    yoga classes payin off?

  • Submitted by snowman87 on Sep 9, 12 at 11:53pm


  • Submitted by snakebite on Sep 9, 12 at 2:54pm

    Must have been some serious trick fuckin'!

  • Submitted by cfreymarc on Sep 9, 12 at 4:19pm

    Got tired of just throwing peanuts up in the air and into your mouth?

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    Submitted by WesPip on Sep 9, 12 at 6:37pm

    It's clearly just a high pressure load not flexibility otherwise he'd be celebrating it not calling it the worst night ever.

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    Submitted by ScarletFever on Sep 9, 12 at 8:27pm

    How does that happen?

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    Submitted by wubbazugg on Sep 9, 12 at 9:58pm

    High pressure load for sure. I've shot from corner to corner of a Cali king and gooped up the alarm clock.. Was funny just because it wasn't mine.

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    Submitted by Audi2010 on Sep 9, 12 at 3:01pm

    Awesome trick.

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    Submitted by coumtryboy99 on Sep 10, 12 at 12:11pm

    You're doing it wrong.

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    Submitted by rikie83 on Sep 9, 12 at 3:08pm

    Gumby can do that.

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    Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on Sep 9, 12 at 4:48pm

    You are Ron "The Hedgehog" Jeremy and I claim my five pounds.

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    Submitted by My_Dixie_Wrecked on Sep 9, 12 at 6:13pm

    Snowballin doesn't count as coming in your own mouth. :-p

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    Submitted by hogfish on Oct 19, 12 at 11:03pm

    Had a decline weight bench, we were doing 69 and when I came she stood up-pow! Right in the kisser...

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    Submitted by infinetesmiles on Sep 9, 12 at 5:34pm

    I was with this guy that came in his eye lol

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    Submitted by hunternash12 on Sep 12, 12 at 5:27pm

    Worse than learning you shared it with your bud, frenching him in a jagermeister induced free for all?