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  • News-flash!! Your jack off....your brother+jacking off=normal, calm the fuck down.

    Submitted by GloriousBlue49 on Nov 3, 11 at 2:23pm
  • Haha that's why you knock

    Submitted by an0nymou5 on Nov 3, 11 at 2:13pm
  • I'm guessing the first dick she wanted to see was not her brothers in mid stroke

    Submitted by ck24 on Nov 3, 11 at 2:33pm
  • she's probably eight. way to scar a kid

    Submitted by mmmmbop on Nov 3, 11 at 2:51pm
  • What this doesn't make clear is that she walked in on her brother jacking off her dad.

    Submitted by BrendanA on Nov 3, 11 at 2:33pm
  • Maybe he's a violent masturbator.

    Submitted by rocketmarie on Nov 4, 11 at 1:01am
  • The disturbing part is she walked in because she heard him calling out her name, making her reaction understandable

    Submitted by Phys on Nov 3, 11 at 8:58pm
  • is it really that scary?

    Submitted by DTOM_308 on Nov 3, 11 at 2:17pm
  • I couldn't count on my fingers and tors how many times I've been caught. It's not a big deal. someone is blowing this out of proportion

    Submitted by Knocky64 on Nov 3, 11 at 8:03pm
  • Calm down and get over it!!! What he's doing = normal. What you're doing = not so much.

    Submitted by Afterburner on Nov 4, 11 at 1:49am
  • As a woman who has 4 older brothers, I'd need therapy if I ever saw any of them doing this. TMI.

    Submitted by LuvvyBoo on Nov 3, 11 at 10:12pm
  • what's got SIS all wound up is that brother wasn't jacking HIMSELF off... but his buddy...

    Submitted by TPO_Hisself on Nov 3, 11 at 9:29pm
  • Awwww poor girl...yes, we know it's normal. Doesn't mean we want a front row seat to our family members jacking off!

    Submitted by Summer2397 on Nov 4, 11 at 3:18pm
  • ...while wearing a batman costume and choking himself.

    Submitted by throwjaboy on Nov 5, 11 at 2:02pm
  • Maybe he jizzed on her face.

    Submitted by Nero905 on Nov 3, 11 at 4:00pm
  • Must have brought back an incestuous memory, unfortunately

    Submitted by hogfish on Jun 24, 12 at 7:45pm
  • Nobody wants to see a guy do that. Period. Unless maybe it's another guy and they are homosexuals.

    Submitted by daisy_dukeluke on Nov 4, 11 at 12:50am
  • Get over it...

    Submitted by kallimist on Nov 4, 11 at 5:04pm
  • It's bc she was turned on, girls got issues.

    Submitted by untameableshrew on Nov 3, 11 at 3:45pm
  • he was jerking off, to pictures off mommy, and poor little suzie was scared by the huge dick her brothers has

    Submitted by naughtybody21 on Nov 4, 11 at 2:09am
  • Was he using his own mouth? Harden the fuck up!

    Submitted by aawwsshheett on Nov 23, 11 at 6:42am