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  • Submitted by Nicole170 on Oct 1, 11 at 9:45am

    Then maybe just break up with him, bitch

  • Submitted by iyaoyas26 on Oct 1, 11 at 9:29am

    Definitely a whore

  • Submitted by Phys on Oct 1, 11 at 9:37am

    Well then maybe you should stop being a whore

  • Submitted by Nero905 on Oct 1, 11 at 12:08pm

    Whore whoring whore. Whore you no whore? Whoriously!

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      Submitted by Deebo5050 on Oct 2, 11 at 3:32am

      can't stop laughing

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      Submitted by Seth247 on Oct 2, 11 at 6:18am

      I had to creat an account just to tell you this is the funniest comment I've ever read. Thank you sir.

  • Submitted by kantiankitten on Oct 1, 11 at 10:06am

    Just break up with him if you don't want to be faithful, you stupid skank!

  • Submitted by Micho523 on Oct 1, 11 at 9:28am

    Whores these days...

  • Submitted by zombiebite on Oct 1, 11 at 9:36am

    Like you care just bend over whore

  • Submitted by iyaoyas26 on Oct 1, 11 at 12:17pm

    Cheating isn't funny any way you look at it.

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    Submitted by wubbazugg on Oct 1, 11 at 11:31am

    That's what you get for being a stupid cunt :)

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    Submitted by Quiltron3000 on Oct 1, 11 at 3:09pm

    Cheating on anyone isn't funny or right be it man or woman

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    Submitted by boats_n_hoes777 on Oct 1, 11 at 7:37pm

    Fuckin skanks!

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    Submitted by TamiTaylor on Oct 2, 11 at 12:22am

    It's not even funny when the guys cheat; and this ho just makes the rest of us look bad

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    Submitted by Torilynne on Oct 2, 11 at 8:36am

    Bitch. Cheating is never OK.

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    Submitted by anfernysukka on Oct 1, 11 at 8:43pm

    Classy bitch.

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    Submitted by freefallin4eva on Oct 6, 11 at 5:50pm

    sounds like your a great girlfriend. keep up the good work . sigh.

  • Submitted by jcopzzz on Oct 1, 11 at 10:53am

    So she's a whore but when there's a text about a guy cheating on a girl then it's funny to you.... Hmmm...

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    Submitted by PierreTheLion on Oct 3, 11 at 1:14pm

    Have you tried not being a cheating whore and acting like a respectable person who doesnt get in a relationship if they want to fuck everything that moves?

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    Submitted by kallimist on Oct 3, 11 at 9:55pm

    The world needs less whores. Im sick of cheating bitches. Just break up with him. Ho.

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    Submitted by kin_in_in on Oct 1, 11 at 11:52am

    "if you say 'Ferris Buehler', you lose your left testicle."

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    Submitted by ohhbabyitsmegan on Oct 2, 11 at 11:07pm

    So calling someone you've never met horrible and hurtful things anonymously on the internet is just fine, but she can't sleep with more than one guy? Great moral code you people live by.

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    Submitted by pinky22 on Oct 2, 11 at 9:32pm

    I agree with nero...

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    Submitted by firstisworst on Jun 24, 13 at 1:59am

    Bitch whore nigglet fuck asscock.

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    Submitted by janesaddiction on Oct 2, 11 at 12:54am

    Why even get into a relationship? Commitment is for the norms.

  • Submitted by krazybobblehead on Oct 1, 11 at 3:46pm

    What's a whore?????

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    Submitted by AWB on Oct 4, 11 at 12:23am

    Sounds like girls around here