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  • they probably taste better than "sorry you have herpes hashbrowns"

    Submitted by jackierocks on Sep 29, 11 at 7:49pm
  • 75% of women and men have been infected with genital hpv in their lifetime (Cates, 1999).

    Submitted by Stanley_8959 on Sep 29, 11 at 11:21pm
  • 5:09. Condoms don't protect you from hpv. It can be transferred from skin to skin contact of the genital area.

    Submitted by buddhabarbie1990 on Sep 29, 11 at 5:32pm
  • Stanley_8959, thank you for citing your sources lol.

    Submitted by 23times on Sep 30, 11 at 10:55am
  • Better to find out early and there are definitely much worse STDs to get

    Submitted by Phys on Sep 29, 11 at 10:19pm
  • Awkward.

    Submitted by TamiTaylor on Sep 29, 11 at 5:31pm
  • There's a vaccine for that, Guardisil. A little late for this girl I guess but it's definitely worth getting. Hpv can cause cervical cancer and infertility. Nothing funny about that.

    Submitted by gohogs518 on Sep 30, 11 at 3:33am
  • Bad luck but the vaccine only protects you from 8 strands and you can get it while wearing a condom. It's like playing Russian roulette with a loaded gun :/ cept it ain't herp!!

    Submitted by thatsTHEbitch2u on Oct 2, 11 at 2:24am
  • Not all strains of hpv cause cancer.

    Submitted by sevran on Oct 1, 11 at 4:20am
  • Yeah been there, I love Ny... Fits

    Submitted by prettygoodatbeer on Sep 30, 11 at 1:54pm
  • :S eeeek

    Submitted by maiii on Sep 29, 11 at 7:09pm
  • In b4 "sorry you have HIV waffles"

    Submitted by Yeep on Sep 29, 11 at 10:53pm
  • oh damn.. central NY :(

    Submitted by bballer168 on Sep 29, 11 at 10:44pm
  • More like "sorry you were born" pancakes..

    Submitted by Nero905 on Sep 29, 11 at 5:36pm
  • Not first

    Submitted by beerpong on Sep 29, 11 at 5:01pm
  • wash it all down with a nice glass of "why are you such a slut".

    Submitted by bulllwinkle on Sep 29, 11 at 9:39pm
  • Oh no! Sorry 'bout your luck. Use protection from now on. But also, if I was that HPV person I'd kill my friend for posting this!

    Submitted by AJBitner on Sep 29, 11 at 5:09pm
  • Soon she'll be making "sorry you've got cervical cancer" pancakes.

    Submitted by AXLP on Sep 29, 11 at 5:11pm