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  • Submitted by dukedelt1 on Oct 11, 10 at 4:15pm

    Cram 45 mexicans in the back... Limit is 40

  • Submitted by Awestryker on Oct 11, 10 at 9:19pm

    My brother did. It was called "clearance 9 1/2 feet" I believe. They don't like it when you leave with a box truck and come back with a flatbed...

  • Submitted by 1082.41 on Oct 11, 10 at 6:14pm

    For me all it took was getting on the wrong side of McCarthy. He'll blacklist you from anything and claim it's because you're a commie.

  • Submitted by bunny142 on Oct 11, 10 at 6:47pm

    something epically awesome

  • Submitted by MandatoryPants on Oct 11, 10 at 6:50pm

    How about carry a dead body in it? Kind of like the guy did in last weeks Dexter? Haha

  • Submitted by generic_name on Oct 11, 10 at 11:01pm

    i'm very curious about this.

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    Submitted by jessicac9165 on Oct 13, 10 at 1:01am

    something that probably ends with, "thats when i decided not to drink tequila anymore"

  • Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on Oct 12, 10 at 5:05am

    If you live in or near Boston, taking a truck down Storrow Drive or Memorial Drive will do it.

  • Submitted by gangstaaame on Oct 11, 10 at 4:14pm

    nothing. or everything.

  • Submitted by IPMCTuna on Oct 12, 10 at 12:08am

    Sounds like you know my ex wife, who happens to be from Spokane.

  • Submitted by buddha313 on Oct 11, 10 at 5:26pm

    Only 45? I've managed 136

  • Submitted by thisapprox on Oct 11, 10 at 11:26pm

    LoL. I love the first two comments

  • Submitted by kendy987 on Oct 12, 10 at 12:54am

    Dammit Yakima

  • Submitted by niceman on Oct 12, 10 at 2:59pm

    She got her period and turned the cabin red. Then, she scrawled her name on the driver's side door