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  • Submitted by anonnymouse on Sep 18, 10 at 1:03pm

    by birther logic, does that mean he was actually born in kenya?

  • Submitted by Valkyrie on Sep 18, 10 at 11:44pm

    "it"? so being Hawaiian means he's not a real American or person? Fuckwit.

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    Submitted by katchin05 on Sep 19, 10 at 3:35am

    *Of course* this one was from Texas. Way to keep up your state's sparking reputation of complete fuckery.

  • Submitted by Disgruntled_girl on Sep 18, 10 at 4:41pm

    Ya know, they didn't want to be a state in the first place and became a state the same damn year Alaska did: 1959.\nIf we're going to keep giving them crap, we need to cut them loose and then start questioning Palin's "legitimacy".

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      Submitted by unknown_sender on Sep 18, 10 at 6:34pm

      how can you question what isn't there?

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      Submitted by Keakealani on Sep 21, 10 at 12:45pm

      That's patently untrue and displays a shocking ignorance of history - there was a huge movement lobbying for statehood in the 1950s in Hawaii; the alternative of being run as a territory by mainland-appointed officials is certainly a less favourable choice. Anyone with any degree of education should realize the absurdity of this totally unfounded and untrue statement. We had nothing to do with Alaska's statehood, either, except for compromise by the Congress of the day to keep the balance

  • Submitted by iihateu on Sep 18, 10 at 3:20pm

    I'm Hawaiian... Plenty proud of it. As a matter of fact I'm pretty happy you don't consider us Americans. Country is joke

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      Submitted by urallstupid on Sep 20, 10 at 6:00pm

      Learn to speak! Retard!

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    Submitted by SALIA on Sep 19, 10 at 12:21am

    Here's hoping that you're not either. Fingers crossed.

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    Submitted by Michguy on Sep 18, 10 at 10:31pm

    Get an education.

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    Submitted by wooowduuude12 on Sep 19, 10 at 7:49pm

    C'mon Texas, stop shitting on your damn state! You're not making it easier on us.

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    Submitted by badgerworthy on Sep 19, 10 at 4:41am

    Why is this funny? Oh yeah, it isn't....

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    Submitted by Flipboi69 on Sep 19, 10 at 2:45am

    I tink this dumb haloe needs to learn their facts eh?

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    Submitted by Le_Todd on Sep 19, 10 at 4:34pm

    Gotta love all those people who aren't smarter than fifth graders.

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    Submitted by Anonymous on Sep 18, 10 at 1:43pm

    Fucking killeen Texas...

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    Submitted by kaylovely on Sep 20, 10 at 1:37am

    Hawaiian men are so handsome.and they're way more cultured and sensual then the average all-American they last longer in bed.

  • Submitted by kukui on Sep 19, 10 at 3:48am

    I'm Hawaiian, and technically we will be/are recognized as Native Hawaiians. Just like Native Americans and Eskimos. I always say I'm Hawaiian not American and that doesn't mean Hawaii isn't lucky to be part of America, it's all about how Hawaii became part of the United States. Learn it.

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      Submitted by Keakealani on Sep 21, 10 at 12:47pm

      True as that may be, the majority of people who identify as Hawaiian (myself included) are of part-Hawaiian mixed ancestry, so it would be inaccurate, at least for me, to say that I am Hawaiian to the exclusion of my other heritages. The beauty of this place is the fact that we all coexist in harmony regardless of ethnicity.

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    Submitted by beerfan101 on Sep 18, 10 at 9:33pm


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    Submitted by kordova on Sep 18, 10 at 8:14pm

    Keep it classy Waco.

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    Submitted by kaylovely on Sep 20, 10 at 6:51pm

    Oh, and they're damn sexy too.

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    Submitted by blackhalfrican on Sep 19, 10 at 4:15am

    Bitch, don't try too hard. Just shut your mouth and keep the sammiches comin.

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    Submitted by nofrenz on Sep 19, 10 at 11:01am

    Talk that shit in da 808 and see how fast you get your ass rolled, haole mahu!!!!

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    Submitted by britney09 on Sep 19, 10 at 5:17am

    Oh no! Stay away if it's who I think it is!!!

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    Submitted by reginafallangee on Sep 21, 10 at 6:53pm

    Keakealani, you're a douche, quit having politicial and social arguments on tfln and get a fucking a social life.

  • Submitted by prometheus on Sep 20, 10 at 1:40am

    Yeah F those islanders

  • Submitted by cldean3 on Sep 19, 10 at 12:38pm

    If America is a joke what does that make Japan, Germany, Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. since they lost in war against the US? I'm not bashing anybody, but if you think America is a joke think about the mockery it has made of a lot of other countries via politics, economics, and war.

  • Submitted by jaydumas on Sep 18, 10 at 11:29pm

    Ay, brudda. Whatchu tinkin?

  • Submitted by kaylovely on Sep 20, 10 at 6:49pm

    Hawai'ian men are way more cultured than the average American boy.and they're way more passionate and last longer in bed. hawai'an men FTW