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  • Mother of the year! Next, trip to rehab. Maybe there is a discount for 2.

    Submitted by wittykitie on Aug 13, 10 at 1:46pm
  • um not exactly sure that you can get away with MAILING drugs. thats what cartels and buttholes are for right?

    Submitted by kayteakat on Aug 15, 10 at 12:21pm
  • WTF is up with all these losers correcting spelling mistakes do u have nothing better to do get a fuking life

    Submitted by liliesmile on Aug 13, 10 at 2:54pm
    • i guess I'm a FUCKING loser. if youre going to diss people, at least make it hard for them to FUCK with you back.

      Submitted by full4u on Aug 18, 10 at 2:25am
  • I just have a weird feeling this is completely untrue ...

    Submitted by lexx21 on Aug 13, 10 at 8:22pm
  • I know a lot of moms that would do this. Wish my mom would, but she compares weed to crack.

    Submitted by SKKYinlove on Aug 15, 10 at 3:18am
  • Fake

    Submitted by awesomesaucechk on Aug 13, 10 at 1:48pm
  • Btw rerun you spelled dumbass wrong, DUMBASS.

    Submitted by ProductPlacemnt on Aug 13, 10 at 1:48pm
  • Super jealous of your mom's packages!!!!

    Submitted by Skylorbelle on Aug 13, 10 at 9:32pm
  • This is fake because no one would send shroom chocolate without a warning letter. Imagine biting into it and realizing it tastes like shrooms and you're about o trip balls

    Submitted by PerfectHaze on Aug 13, 10 at 6:59pm
    • which is exactly why SOMEONE would do it. and he never said there wasn't a note in the care package. all you people who call fake on every single text need to just realize that your lives are waayyyyyy more dull than some peoples, and just because you aren't having any fun or you don't have the worlds greatest mom, it doesn't mean that we aren't, or don't. Miracles can happen kids.

      Submitted by dijitaldj on Aug 13, 10 at 7:16pm
  • I'll call bullshit

    Submitted by thatguy117 on Aug 13, 10 at 3:08pm
  • Shmocolate bar <3

    Submitted by i69b on Aug 16, 10 at 3:21am
  • wish my mom would fucking do that

    Submitted by shrivledballs on Aug 14, 10 at 4:39am
  • Sounds like ur mom wants to get in ur pants

    Submitted by JU1CE on Aug 13, 10 at 8:54pm
  • Nice parenting...

    Submitted by cinderblocksex on Aug 15, 10 at 12:51pm
  • This mom needs serious help. Lucky ass kid though

    Submitted by dirkdiggler69 on Aug 13, 10 at 2:19pm
  • Fake.

    Submitted by Rikoshi on Aug 13, 10 at 2:44pm
  • Uhm..i want a mom like that!!!

    Submitted by bsshearts10 on Aug 22, 10 at 3:57am
  • as much as i would love to believe this you cant rlly mail drugs they scan it so unless she personally handed it to the op this isnted true

    Submitted by soccerreff on Aug 23, 10 at 6:05pm
  • Ok If u think it's fake, or you think it's stupid. Keep it to yourself. Your annoying, and idiots.

    Submitted by Yourmon on Aug 13, 10 at 7:07pm
  • Holy shit.... That's amazing.

    Submitted by mae on Aug 14, 10 at 3:41am
  • Text to flirt: my name is Ariel and my number is 307 321 96two two

    Submitted by ariel307 on Aug 14, 10 at 2:34pm
  • If you brain donors don't like having somebody point out you misspelled a word you should've learned in grade school, why not spell it correctly in the first place? Does it take longer? Oh maybe it does and God forbid you should do anything that takes time away from your "exciting" adult lives of stuffing drugs, alcohol and sugar down your throats courtesy of mommy.

    Submitted by mr_sphincter on Aug 13, 10 at 8:28pm
    • If you are so adamant about the spelling that these people should have learnt in elementary school, then you should also be worried about your own grammar. The grammar that also should have been learnt in elementary school.

      Submitted by alml1234 on Aug 13, 10 at 11:49pm
  • Amazing mom. Does she blow you too?

    Submitted by grandma_moses on Aug 14, 10 at 9:14am
  • Btw. I hate ppl who type like this b/c they r idiots.

    Submitted by ProductPlacemnt on Aug 13, 10 at 2:09pm
  • I never got this in CoD...

    Submitted by yatfalife on Nov 29, 10 at 12:14am
  • Hey! Smile guy, shut ur face!

    Submitted by Reran on Aug 13, 10 at 3:40pm
  • I would love to find out that you're a long lost sib, op...

    Submitted by rosiegirl on Aug 14, 10 at 2:12pm
  • Best mother EVER

    Submitted by kurai_sama on Aug 16, 10 at 4:33am
  • First

    Submitted by Reran on Aug 13, 10 at 1:44pm
  • Most of these r fake, y would u post stuff bout drugs anyway. They r all the same

    Submitted by zwuang on Aug 13, 10 at 2:01pm
  • Btw thx 4 stickin up 4 me blah_blah_blah

    Submitted by Reran on Aug 13, 10 at 3:39pm
  • Double Stuf* Oreos... you spelled it wrong.

    Submitted by blah_blah_blah on Aug 13, 10 at 2:31pm
  • Btw u spelld sent wrong dumass

    Submitted by Reran on Aug 13, 10 at 1:46pm
  • Mr. Placmnt, I spelled it wrong due 2 the comedic effect. So, in short you are the dumass\n\n-aww, man u just got owned! (pwned)

    Submitted by Reran on Aug 13, 10 at 3:37pm