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  • Submitted by TheRuleBook on Jul 31, 10 at 2:13pm

    Rule: Resepct everyone elses preference of a puke free train. (only hobos can break this rule.)

  • Submitted by laxxamillion on Jul 31, 10 at 3:38pm

    Like it ain't no thang, really made this post. Props on keeping it in til you got off the train, and then gettin' back on like it ain't no thang. Awesome!!!!

  • Submitted by HDstudly on Jul 31, 10 at 6:50pm

    Definitely blue/orange line. Interns on the metro baby!!

  • Submitted by flint on Jul 31, 10 at 11:16pm


  • Submitted by sexy_superwoman on Jul 31, 10 at 1:24pm

    Ha makin moves :)

  • Submitted by SlappyLipschitz on Aug 1, 10 at 12:30pm

    So it was your vomit I stepped in at Gallery Place on Friday. Thanks for that.

  • Submitted by jaycutler on Jul 31, 10 at 1:33pm

    Big booty butthole

  • Submitted by spacemonkeey on Jul 31, 10 at 2:50pm

    Keepin' it classy, DC

  • Submitted by M2DOOM on Jul 31, 10 at 6:02pm

    red line?

  • Submitted by marsrover on Jul 31, 10 at 1:16pm


  • Submitted by scoopymcgee on Jul 31, 10 at 6:24pm

    Haha red line for sure

  • Submitted by trauma on Aug 12, 10 at 10:53am

    been there, done that

  • Submitted by Africandude on Jul 31, 10 at 3:33pm

    Woop woop DC!!!!

  • Submitted by TheEvilPlatypus on Feb 23, 11 at 9:38pm

    Damn interns.

  • Submitted by UVAguy13 on Aug 1, 10 at 10:48am

    I stepped in throw up coming home on the metro.