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  • Submitted by klangford on Jul 21, 10 at 12:58pm

    Noob, try lower level and gazing up skirts next time

  • Submitted by chw63 on Jul 21, 10 at 11:56am

    Living in Paris you wouldn't believe the amount of quality tits you can see from my apt window. Or late at night if you look out the window for long enough you are guaranteed to see a smoking hot chick pull up her skirt, pull down her panties and take a piss in between cars. Disgusting and kinda hot all at the same time :D

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    Submitted by Brian_in_Indy on Jul 21, 10 at 12:46pm

    The best part about malls is*

  • Submitted by nakedgoat on Jul 21, 10 at 12:30pm

    I love boobs!!

  • Submitted by seanzies on Jul 21, 10 at 12:47pm

    I feel like this is a post from someone who doesn't get laid nearly enough. You need more pussy in your life...

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    Submitted by skoomasteve on Aug 1, 10 at 6:19pm

    How about being on the 2nd floor of Mall Of America, looking up skirts on the third, then looking down shirts on the first;)

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    Submitted by jbwarner86 on Jul 21, 10 at 11:17pm

    That is, until you lean too far forward and plummet to your bloody death. But hey, boobs, so it was worth it.

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    Submitted by copash123 on Jul 21, 10 at 1:49pm

    So true(:

  • Submitted by sdude on Jul 21, 10 at 11:17am

    I love to do this. :D

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    Submitted by brittanybea on Jul 22, 10 at 1:46pm

    Of course the ONLY text from Idaho would be lame...

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    Submitted by cbtango on Jul 22, 10 at 4:55am


  • Submitted by guitar_boy on Jul 22, 10 at 8:57am

    I remember when I was twelve

  • Submitted by underagehangover on Jul 21, 10 at 2:24pm

    hahaha this son a bitch is definetely from Boise, to bad theres only fat or ugly bitches in our mall.

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      Submitted by Poisson on May 14, 11 at 11:54pm

      Apparently you go on the wrong days.

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    Submitted by Dumbledore_Died on Jul 21, 10 at 2:38pm

    Spoiler alert: Dumbledore dies.

  • Submitted by Anonymous1024 on Jul 22, 10 at 4:38pm

    totally true

  • Submitted by canonymous on Jul 21, 10 at 11:34am

    know whats the best part about being a 40 year old pedo fart staring at boobs of 15 year old's ?well i guess this is rhetorical

    • Submitted by canonymous on Jul 21, 10 at 11:36am

      just screwing around! stare at them all you want :)

  • Submitted by superhead on Jul 21, 10 at 11:13am

    First :)

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    Submitted by Rosamondmoonpie on Jul 21, 10 at 4:24pm

    Pretzel day

  • Submitted by im_twelve on Jul 22, 10 at 4:20am

    Maybe if you had a girlfriend maybe you don't need a mall to see itty bitty titties

  • Submitted by mintyshake on Jul 21, 10 at 6:04pm

    Let me guess- u just gorged yourself at the foot court, you weigh about a trip, you love Internet porn and you're single-effin LOSER!!!

  • Submitted by dozedoff on Jul 22, 10 at 10:36pm

    wtf guys do this? No wonder so many are up there hangin' out. God.

  • Submitted by wtfwjd on Jul 21, 10 at 11:28am

    Hmmm...what the fuck would Jesus do in this situation?

  • Submitted by kmomokbs on Jul 21, 10 at 12:19pm

    truley like a boss