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  • She can always be a politician

    Submitted by mrbroncos on Jul 20, 10 at 1:15pm
  • knowledge of current events is not a prerequisite for sex

    Submitted by partywithsluts on Jul 20, 10 at 3:57pm
  • tell her that the oil spill is some kinda of a weird sexual massage

    Submitted by canonymous on Jul 20, 10 at 2:10pm
  • Girl I know just learned about the spill on 7/13. She's a dumb blonde at its finest.

    Submitted by MoonStar on Jul 20, 10 at 7:20pm
  • Oil spill?

    Submitted by _TheDude_ on Jul 23, 10 at 2:53pm
  • Context is important, was it two days after the blast or two months? Munt.

    Submitted by smartgrrl on Jul 20, 10 at 1:38pm
  • These pretzels are making me firsty follower

    Submitted by firstyfollower on Jul 20, 10 at 11:01pm
  • What the fuck would jesus do about peyton manning eating pretzels after sex w a dolphin?

    Submitted by firstyfollower on Jul 20, 10 at 2:09pm
  • She probably didn't know about it because they don't talk about it on "The Hills" or whatever the fuck dumb bitches watch

    Submitted by trke0302 on Jul 20, 10 at 11:56pm
  • Oh Michael....I forgot to tell you that I'm ABD from the University of I Don't Give A Fuck. But my blondies did look very nice cascading across your ball sack.

    Submitted by smartgrrl2 on Jul 21, 10 at 2:55pm
  • Blondes are stupid they are good for three things fucking sucking and cooking (1800pizza) cooking now tell her bring me a beer and play with my nuts

    Submitted by firstkiller187 on Jul 20, 10 at 1:52pm
  • Simply stunning.

    Submitted by TheWingMan on Jul 20, 10 at 1:26pm
  • what does her hair color have to do with her intelligence? kind of annoying like obviously this girl is ignorant but to attribute that to something as shallow as hair ultimately makes you look like the jackass.

    Submitted by bassnectar4 on Jul 21, 10 at 3:59am
  • People like you a threat to the human gene pool.

    Submitted by marsho on Jul 20, 10 at 9:02pm
  • wow. Im blonde and feel like dying my hair 'cause of her now. thanks.

    Submitted by dozedoff on Jul 22, 10 at 10:52pm
  • You can still fuck the bitch, although long term relationship is out of the question

    Submitted by guitar_boy on Jul 20, 10 at 8:57pm
  • My sister is blonde. She didn't know about the oil spill till about two days ago. I'm pretty sure being an idiot is hereditary for all blondes.

    Submitted by hannahcowgirl on Jul 20, 10 at 8:21pm
  • Hmmm...what the fuck would Jesus do in this situation?

    Submitted by wtfwjd on Jul 20, 10 at 1:20pm
  • Current events can escape the best of us... Until about a month ago I had no idea who that captain guy who landed a plane in water was.....I'm only kinda blonde

    Submitted by hockeybabe on Jul 22, 10 at 2:29pm
  • @bassnecter4 you're a blonde "like" aren't you "like" ?

    Submitted by azalus on Jul 21, 10 at 3:50pm
  • that's nothing. last year (freshman year of college) this chick has never heard of Albert Einstein!

    Submitted by snowboard1 on Jul 20, 10 at 11:48pm
  • Lol!

    Submitted by dirtyfirsty on Jul 21, 10 at 1:02am
  • These oil spills are making me Firsty!

    Submitted by firsty on Jul 20, 10 at 1:45pm
  • This is stupid and you all are blond braindead

    Submitted by im_twelve on Jul 22, 10 at 2:37pm
  • Peyton Manning had sex with a dolphin

    Submitted by a_cum_dumpster on Jul 20, 10 at 1:16pm
  • At least she had a useful skill.

    Submitted by coumtryboy99 on Jul 20, 10 at 1:18pm