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  • Submitted by lilgad on Jul 29, 10 at 12:22pm

    Uhh yeah Ashes, no one was even talking about that and you just posted it ? That's weird and gross

  • Submitted by ashes87 on Jul 17, 10 at 9:59am

    I don't live with my parents dick. I haven't lived with them since I was 17 and I'm 22 now so don't post shit you have no idea about

  • Submitted by yungyacht on Jul 18, 10 at 3:23am

    Yes, that pic with someone's cock in her mouth is ur wife.

  • Submitted by Arizona on Jul 17, 10 at 9:09am

    Ashes87, maybe if you didn't still live with your parents you could have avoided hooking up in the bar, let alone the bathroom. Don't share that story with on any other websites.

  • Submitted by satsukiyami on Jul 17, 10 at 7:18am

    are they pics of chicks or dudes?

  • Submitted by Dannyboy on Jul 17, 10 at 8:09am

    Please return my phone to me...

  • Submitted by TiMnAsTy on Jul 17, 10 at 7:48am

    Actually a good text, nice change of pace.

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    Submitted by Me777 on Jul 18, 10 at 12:13am

    Ashes87 sexy lezbo action? Epic.

  • Submitted by hooligans on Aug 28, 10 at 4:56pm

    Yeaaa Chi-town. (:\n\nAlso, eating someone out in public is nasty. Not only is your mouth in a drunk person's shit, but also likely close to the dirty ass floor/toilet bowl. \nYou're a winner, ashes.

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    Submitted by adele8892 on Jul 17, 10 at 7:09am

    I think I know who this is...

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    Submitted by lilmissie365 on Jul 17, 10 at 9:50pm

    Ashes, calm the fuck down. You're just making yourself look like more of a dumass than you already did for your original post.

  • Submitted by firsty on Jul 17, 10 at 1:29pm

    These pretzels are making me Firsty! btw thanks for the support ashes87! :D

  • Submitted by jamz on Jul 23, 10 at 11:52am


  • Submitted by Trina on Jul 18, 10 at 12:26am

    Ahh Chicago... Live it up

  • Submitted by ashes87 on Jul 17, 10 at 8:38am

    I love nude pics. In fact Ime and my girl got kicked out of a bar last night because I was eating her out in the bathroom stall lol. Btw firsty your awesome

    • Submitted by mattybigstick on Jul 17, 10 at 9:22am


      • Submitted by ashes87 on Jul 17, 10 at 10:11am

        Wanna ask my bf and hers they both knew about it

    • Submitted by marsho on Jul 17, 10 at 10:41am

      die in a fire

  • Submitted by An0n on Jul 17, 10 at 2:25pm

    That's fine that it happened and all, and that you don't live with your parent. But why pass up fuckin' to eat your girlfriend out, in public?

  • Submitted by SovietPretzel1st on Jul 17, 10 at 3:48pm

    In Soviet pretzel, nude pics come with every phone. Sadly they are all if Firsty's mum. First.

  • Submitted by Yourhappiness on Jul 17, 10 at 9:42am

    i'd like that back as soon as possible