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  • Submitted by xXstrangeXx on Jul 6, 10 at 11:44am

    Maybe it's a dude doing this to chicks? Just wondering. And yea I know a couple girls that would do this... It hurts...

  • Submitted by iloveyoulongtime on Jul 6, 10 at 3:14pm

    I just want to point out that it took 500 years, the extinction of certain animals, the death of 40 million Native Americans and a cultural revolution in the '60s that ultimately cost people the luxury of a single breadwinner family to facilitate your stupid cumslut gold-digger fantasies. \n\nYou are everything that's wrong with America, the sense of endless entitlement with no regard for anything around you. I hope it's all worth it to you, some of us wish you'd stop wasting our air.

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      Submitted by mmmaia on Oct 17, 11 at 1:45pm

      I made this up. Calm down.

  • Submitted by girugamesh on Jul 6, 10 at 2:10pm

    What a bitch... Or if it's a guy, what a bastard...

  • Submitted by Rosamondmoonpie on Jul 6, 10 at 11:11am

    Hope the prezzies dont include an STD.....

  • Submitted by carepolice on Jul 6, 10 at 11:15am

    That's called a slutty hustle.

  • Submitted by RazzleRack on Jul 6, 10 at 4:03pm

    And you'll probably give them the gift that keeps on giving, herpes.

  • Submitted by Dobbypop on Jul 6, 10 at 6:20pm

    @iloveyoulongtime, get that stick out of your ass. I would do it for you but it seems to be lodged in deep and pliers aren't working.

  • Submitted by Squarewheel on Jul 6, 10 at 3:40pm

    Wow the irony of that self righteous post , iloveyoulongtime, in STARK contrast to your name and it's underpinnings. Go preach some place where they will tell you good job and pat you on the head and question nothing because here is a place for fun not your inane complaints.

  • Submitted by pichu180 on Jul 6, 10 at 11:05am

    Wow, just wow...

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    Submitted by INKONMYSLEEVE on Jul 6, 10 at 6:04pm

    Haha it's like she thinks she has the upper hand on these fellows you already gave them what they wanted everything else they do is real... So basically you're just being rude... Plus jokes on you if you think they care ;-p

  • Submitted by big_dubya56 on Jul 6, 10 at 11:12am

    Smell that? I smell a hoe bag.

  • Submitted by ikebukuro on Jul 6, 10 at 11:29am

    happy birthday in advance =)

  • Submitted by An0n on Jul 6, 10 at 7:51pm

    Oh, and also, don't assume its a male or female. It just shows your arrogance, more so than trying to preach morals on a website about "drunken texting". It's funny, laugh at it. Herpes is funny, laugh at it. Get laid once and a while, damn.

  • Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 6, 10 at 5:36pm

    Heh, response to the lecture: She's not [or he, whatever] the representation of the downfall of society, she's probably 20. You're supposed to be totally obnoxious at that age, you know? Plus, three presents! :P

  • Submitted by 88cabro on Jul 6, 10 at 11:23am

    I know a couple of girls that stock up on guys to do crap like this.

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    Submitted by cla9799 on Jul 7, 10 at 4:00am

    Wow that's crazily

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    Submitted by AcaciaJules on Jul 10, 10 at 5:01am

    Wow, way to make women everywhere look trashy.

  • Submitted by mmmaia on Jul 7, 10 at 1:01am

    get some, girlfriend. some action and some presents

  • Submitted by An0n on Jul 6, 10 at 7:46pm

    ILoveYouLongTime, speak for yourself bitch. Op I congratulate you. Because no matter what anybody says, you may be an ass, but three whores who can't say no are also at fault here.

  • Submitted by cla9799 on Jul 7, 10 at 3:58am


  • Submitted by APromiseToBurn on Jul 6, 10 at 10:34pm

    Hmmm... I give this whore some props..... Harsh I no :)

  • Submitted by An0n on Jul 6, 10 at 7:55pm

    And triple comment because you just piss me off so much, you weren't around for any of what you mentioned. "Cost us the luxury of single breadwinning families." Cost of living actually did that, not the evil male penis, stop watching Lifetime so much.

  • Submitted by crazyizzy on Aug 27, 12 at 7:13pm

    Guy or girl; this is funny