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    Submitted by lambchop on Apr 28, 10 at 2:32pm

    If he said it in a young jeezy voice, this would completely make sense.. Otherwise, I have no explanation

  • Submitted by LOVELIFEE on Apr 28, 10 at 3:16pm

    i dont get, someone explain please

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    Submitted by SippinSally on Apr 29, 10 at 10:54am

    My little sister was in that same jail the night before. Lol

  • Submitted by ryno24 on Apr 28, 10 at 11:16am


  • Submitted by Cheerstobeers on Apr 28, 10 at 9:10pm

    Ife you dont understand y its funny you either\n\nA)Dont listen to rap\nB)Have respect for authority and or the municipal system\nC)Have Downsyndrome

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    Submitted by jenntaylor84 on Apr 28, 10 at 9:05pm

    He called you on a landline? Who has landline anymore? Fail!

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    Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 28, 10 at 3:11pm

    Wow the person who "explained" it sounds like a load of fun!

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    Submitted by Unit562 on Jul 14, 12 at 7:10pm

    I like that the comment telling people that don't understand this have downs, looks like he actually has downs.

  • Submitted by Rubes_Carnies on Apr 28, 10 at 1:16pm

    it's code for, tool....

  • Submitted by TheBigDonkey on Apr 28, 10 at 2:54pm

    Pretty sure that this person was drunk (possibly dui) and that's why they were in jail. And in their drunken state, they decided to yell something nonsensical into the phone in place of their name. It's much less funny when you have to explain it.

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    Submitted by purpleispretty on Apr 28, 10 at 1:12pm

    I don't get it at all please someone explain

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    Submitted by itouch on Apr 28, 10 at 6:00pm

    You get more than one collect call. They give you a pay phone in the holding cells.

  • Submitted by princesspesa on Apr 28, 10 at 12:38pm

    Kind of a funny set up/premise. But let's get it? I don't get it.

  • Submitted by GrammarFailure on Apr 28, 10 at 12:03pm

    I don't get it.

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    Submitted by PercivalJenkins on Apr 28, 10 at 10:02pm

    That's rather funny. Haha.

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    Submitted by anonymous419 on Aug 13, 10 at 1:38am

    Haha hope the band was in jail

  • Submitted by swarley308 on Apr 28, 10 at 3:23pm

    He probably got cut off. He was probably to drunk to realize the call was for help instead of a booty call "let's get it... on"

  • Submitted by carynlarsen on Apr 29, 10 at 2:13am

    I get calls like that from Mgty county jail all the time...

  • Submitted by Massiph on Apr 28, 10 at 7:43pm

    Ahh Michigan I miss you. Not you mongomery county jail!

  • Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 28, 10 at 11:07pm

    Montgomery County?? Is that in Texas??

  • Submitted by molly_ily on Apr 28, 10 at 10:27pm

    Montgomery? So this is alabama?

  • Submitted by GuyFawkes on Apr 28, 10 at 1:16pm

    I don't get it, but I still laughed.

  • Submitted by amandafiske on Apr 28, 10 at 7:50pm

    Let's Get It is a band.

  • Submitted by uhateme on Apr 28, 10 at 3:25pm

    That's funny an for all u who don't get it ur a fucktard