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  • You had me a Disney movies, especially if it's anything pre 2000! I will take the free BJ as well though

    Submitted by crockpot on Nov 15, 12 at 9:46am
  • Done.

    Submitted by jltc on Nov 15, 12 at 9:33am
  • On my way

    Submitted by fat_boy on Nov 15, 12 at 11:38am
  • "Star Wars" now qualifies as Disney.

    Submitted by NotTelling on Nov 15, 12 at 1:32pm
  • This can't be real life... It must be Adult Disney.

    Submitted by cp1342 on Nov 15, 12 at 9:38am
  • BlowjobS? Plural. Either she won't be watching much of the movie or this is a mass text and she can finish 2 guys in a row during a musical scene. Snow White would be proud of this ho

    Submitted by txtfrmlstcentury on Nov 15, 12 at 4:21pm
  • Well in that case.. Lol

    Submitted by pureboredom on Nov 15, 12 at 9:51pm
  • Just pull a rafiki and do a simba on her.

    Submitted by Pronfairy on Nov 16, 12 at 9:14am
  • That's how my girlfriend got me to watch Harry Potter.

    Submitted by OllieWalker on Nov 15, 12 at 4:34pm
  • If there are blowjobs involved then the movie choice doesn't matter anyways

    Submitted by DonkeyLipps on Nov 16, 12 at 6:26pm
  • Why does the movie matter?

    Submitted by wubbazugg on Nov 15, 12 at 1:47pm
  • I can't hook up to a Disney movie. It just seems too wrong. Some throngs have to be sacred.

    Submitted by Xtasty on Jan 21, 13 at 5:02pm
  • @Davidwnc: I swear this text isn't from me...

    Submitted by Tigr0u on Nov 15, 12 at 1:44pm