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    Submitted by guitarfreak664 on Aug 21, 12 at 11:47am

    Drock you must be so proud

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    Submitted by ScmexyEsmeralda on Aug 22, 12 at 10:16pm

    This is the tale of Captain Jack Sparrow....

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    Submitted by italiana on Aug 26, 12 at 9:29am

    @D_Rock___ you must be fun at parties

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    Submitted by Lostsoul54 on Aug 22, 12 at 6:45am

    Mojack is a good one

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    Submitted by Ivos43 on Aug 21, 12 at 1:20pm

    I think the whole point was to sound like it was from the movies

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    Submitted by jbwarner86 on Aug 23, 12 at 1:14pm

    Yet another idea that was only brilliant in theory.

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    Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on Aug 21, 12 at 8:30pm

    Well, now, Captain Jack will get you high tonight.

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    Submitted by whoops9 on Aug 22, 12 at 8:51pm

    And that folks is how my cat got his name; Captain Jack

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    Submitted by forlorn420 on Oct 19, 12 at 11:45am

    @drock. Wat about say a screwdriver? How did that get it's name? It's ok for drinks to have an extra word in there.. Sex on the beach? Idk if they can put sex in a drink so that doesnt make sense either. The sparrow was added just cause it made the drink sound cool

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    Submitted by krazeybeautiful on Aug 21, 12 at 7:37pm

    ....first words lol

  • Submitted by D_Rock__ on Aug 21, 12 at 11:18am

    Where does the sparrow come from, besides the movies? Jack Morgan would be a more appropriate name. Or Pirate Jack Morgan, Pirate Morgan Jack. JM's Booty. MoJack. Jorgan. Mack Jorgan. Plenty of other names, and I'm sober.

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      Submitted by Donotdiscard on Aug 21, 12 at 1:26pm

      I like MoJack

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      Submitted by armchairguru on Aug 21, 12 at 11:20pm

      11 people upvoted this?

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      Submitted by fattf_ckingmatt on Sep 6, 12 at 9:16pm

      Sobriety is exactly the problem here. and I most definitely was not. my apologies for my less than vivid imagination