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  • I've been there before, buddy...

    Submitted by kenholl on Jul 18, 12 at 4:54pm
  • I don't know how much bromance is going on here, but it sounds like the dad doth protest too much. Is *he* the closeted party in this scenario?

    Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on Jul 18, 12 at 9:31pm
  • well next time don't bring your 7ft boyfriend home

    Submitted by nunubeest on Jul 18, 12 at 6:37pm
  • Hmmm stinks that you dads judgmental that way

    Submitted by Marianasimon on Jul 19, 12 at 3:22am
  • Nothing like that awkward moment when you date someone 1/2 your age and then finally have to meet his family, they know he is out so, no mystery here!

    Submitted by Beachbum111 on Aug 6, 12 at 10:56pm
  • R-shack. With a noose around you preferably.

    Submitted by ly0ntamer on Jul 19, 12 at 12:26pm
  • Straight people get over yourselves or go back to 1930s where equality is not present

    Submitted by rousson on Jul 20, 12 at 2:13am
  • All I hear with this post is a banjo and "now, squeal like a pig"

    Submitted by mumfackler on Jul 19, 12 at 2:57am
  • "Forcing" him into it? What kind of dad thinks their son is getting r@ped and doesn't kill the guy?

    Submitted by DerKarismatisch on Aug 28, 12 at 8:50pm
  • You go for it

    Submitted by Jacob15 on Nov 25, 13 at 10:16pm
  • Your friendship would be less complicated if you weren't two disgusting q ueers. Go see a damn shrink about being molested as a kid instead of putting cocks in places nature didn't intend.

    Submitted by R_Shackleford on Jul 19, 12 at 4:20am
  • Sounds like it would be less complicated if you weren't a faggg

    Submitted by W_T_F on Jul 18, 12 at 6:41pm
    • sounds like life would be easier for you if you stopped being such a bitch

      Submitted by babykarma2005 on Jul 19, 12 at 4:40am
  • Fags will burn

    Submitted by stumpy2069 on Jul 18, 12 at 7:30pm