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  • Submitted by Ritard on Jan 25, 12 at 11:29am

    Hell I'm a guy, and I would strongly consider it for superbowl tickets.

  • Submitted by Romulus1969 on Jan 25, 12 at 11:44am

    That doesn't make you a makes you a high class whore. You chose wisely.

  • Submitted by GloriousBlue49 on Jan 25, 12 at 11:43am

    That was at the least a $1500 fuck. unless he got a threesome, this guy is dumb as shit

  • Submitted by aloein on Jan 25, 12 at 11:39am

    Super bowl tickets are worth it for ALMOST anything.

  • Submitted by MJCity on Jan 25, 12 at 11:28am

    worth it.

  • Submitted by Phys on Jan 25, 12 at 12:21pm

    As a male Giants fan I'd seriously consider this

    • Submitted by tofuchu on Jan 25, 12 at 5:15pm

      As a female Giants fan I'd do it twice and not regret it for a second.

  • Submitted by yewinnhard on Jan 25, 12 at 6:54pm

    You clearly take it in the arse, or don't have a gag reflex. This guy is giving away superbowl tickets! You'd definitely have to be a good fuck.

  • Submitted by technoir on Jan 26, 12 at 9:21am admit you're a prostitute, and you're just clarifying as to what your price is?

  • Submitted by shaveydavey on Jan 25, 12 at 12:47pm

    You must be REALLY fucking good looking.

  • Submitted by DP24 on Jan 25, 12 at 7:22pm

    There is a woman on youtube crying after just a playoff game. i would fuck for tickets.

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    Submitted by miwhitt on Jan 26, 12 at 10:06am


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    Submitted by mobprincess on Jan 25, 12 at 9:09pm

    @dmoney1234 I'm with you on this!!!! She wasn't a classy HO she was a smart one!!

  • Submitted by hacker201 on Jan 25, 12 at 8:15pm

    Some skank was jailed in Phila a few years ago for offering her ass for WS tickets on Craigslist

  • Submitted by GLUEHOOdotCOM on Jan 26, 12 at 4:34am


  • Submitted by cfreymarc on Jan 26, 12 at 6:21am

    When you show up looking slutty, most will know you earned your entry in your back.

  • Submitted by limodude on Jan 25, 12 at 11:29pm

    I wanna meet you when you come to my town!!!!

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    Submitted by cattack on Oct 23, 12 at 8:20pm

    worth it.

  • Submitted by ashklo on Jan 25, 12 at 2:41pm

    Worth it if there to the Indianapolis Super Bowl

  • Submitted by Niceguy on Jan 25, 12 at 2:35pm

    Whoever leaves a comment saying whore your obviously dumb as fuck, broke, and ugly cause if you had either the looks or money to do it you definately would so stfu!

  • Submitted by Pornicles on Jan 25, 12 at 2:22pm

    But you do admit you are a slut...not that I hold it against you for sleeping with him for Superbowl Tickets

  • Submitted by dmoney1234 on Jan 25, 12 at 3:41pm

    Not worth it cuz giants are gonna kill new England. Have fun watching a quarter and a half of football before the game is decided.

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    Submitted by Beachbum111 on Aug 31, 12 at 11:07pm

    I would let the starting line of the Green Bay Packers fuck me if they gave me Super Bowl tickets, and I am a guy!

  • Submitted by seesall on Jan 25, 12 at 12:47pm


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      Submitted by hotone on Jan 25, 12 at 6:31pm

      Jealous much? ha ha

  • Submitted by phrozenstare on Jan 25, 12 at 7:04pm

    It Doesn't matter it is still the same old crappy sport