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  • Submitted by firebuff747 on Oct 22, 11 at 11:55am

    Or u need some better weed

  • Submitted by mojobanks on Oct 22, 11 at 11:41am

    That made me laugh. My guess though is that its a bomb sniffing dog

  • Submitted by exosus on Oct 22, 11 at 11:48am

    Why are people giving this a bad night? Bad for who, the fucking cops?

  • Submitted by hwrecker on Oct 22, 11 at 12:09pm

    Either that or you grabbed the wrong suitcase lol

  • Submitted by ghashlycrumbs on Oct 22, 11 at 1:33pm

    Or you need a new dealer.

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    Submitted by woahgravity on Oct 22, 11 at 2:52pm

    Someone should tell this guy that drug sniffing dogs don't search until they're commanded to.

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    Submitted by matthwelch on Oct 22, 11 at 11:05pm

    Bomb dogs are never also drug dogs. Because you don't want to evacuate an airport terminal over a dime bag.

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    Submitted by peachpie88 on Oct 22, 11 at 12:39pm

    Good dog!

  • Submitted by B1gBadB1lly on Oct 22, 11 at 1:05pm

    There's more than just drug dogs. It couldve been a bomb dog. So unless you had explosive drugs then yea, he woulda just walked by you

    • Submitted by RawkusSkywalker on Oct 22, 11 at 3:25pm

      yeah a lot of the dogs at airports and train stations are bomb dogs. i don't think they bring out the drug dogs unless they have a reason to do so. you're welcome, you're all welcome!

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        Submitted by B1gBadB1lly on Nov 16, 11 at 2:51am

        but also take into consideration that almost all police dogs, no matter the agency are dual certified. they are started as patrol normally, then get trained on drugs or explosives. so saying that, if you're caught by a drug dog, don't run. because they are faster than you and are trained to do something that you have probably never experienced.

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    Submitted by catface on Oct 23, 11 at 11:37am

    Pick up 860 from the post above this one.

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    Submitted by genome254 on Oct 22, 11 at 12:07pm

    Maybe you should wash ur clothes more often.

  • Submitted by keeg on Oct 22, 11 at 7:29pm

    That was a bomb dog dumbass

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    Submitted by kristi61386 on Jun 27, 12 at 1:44am

    i bet u shit ur pants

  • Submitted by W_T_F on Oct 23, 11 at 12:16am

    Guess you'll be going home with an 8 ball....

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    Submitted by lunesouslesoleil on Oct 25, 11 at 10:24am

    11:11 thank you

  • Submitted by GA_Peach on Oct 24, 11 at 1:27am

    I don't know how they security there but the dogs normally do not go looking unless told to "seek." Or, like someone else said they could just be bomb dogs.

  • Submitted by acerzz on Oct 22, 11 at 11:39am

    Gotta love Chicago!

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    Submitted by TotallyBro on Oct 22, 11 at 10:58pm


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    Submitted by funnygerp03 on Oct 23, 11 at 7:15pm

    I love how people are debating about whether it was a bomb sniffing dog or whether drug dogs only search when they are told. Does everyone realize that this shit is fake? They make it up to get revenue for the website. Actually criticizing it is borderline idiotic.

    • Submitted by threeoneseven on Oct 23, 11 at 11:11pm

      Aren't you are criticizing everyone for thinking these texts are real? So following your logic you stated, are you borderline idiotic? Chill out. People get on here and read these texts to laugh. Who cares if they are real or not and who cares if people debate back and forth. If this website is so fake, why are you on here? There's no need to shit in everyone else's wheaties just to make yourself feel better.