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  • I have a 4 1/2 inch penis. But some girls like it that wide.

    Submitted by W_T_F on Sep 23, 11 at 12:38pm
  • Im bored sitting in statistics class and the prof is going over standard deviation, needless to say this is all i think of now...

    Submitted by cschroeder91 on Sep 23, 11 at 11:27am
  • My best friend and I calculated the standard deviation/mean/bell curve/etc. of penis size when we were like 16...turns out anything above 8" is a statistical freak, essentially.

    Submitted by Vilexxica on Sep 23, 11 at 4:23pm
  • Check southpark for adjusted gross penis size formula.

    Submitted by porksword on Sep 23, 11 at 11:46am
  • Epic win!!! Hahahaha I too am a female engineer

    Submitted by iBringtheFire on Sep 23, 11 at 11:27am
  • If you want to dump him then do it. Afterwards, hook up with 10 guys and you'll find someone who is bigger

    Submitted by Phys on Sep 23, 11 at 12:46pm
  • this is about the only time in your life where you're gonna want to go with the outlier ;)

    Submitted by peaceout3859 on Sep 23, 11 at 10:29pm
  • Isn't 6 inches the average? You're losing only 1 inch.

    Submitted by Andr913 on Sep 23, 11 at 3:06pm
  • The average is I believe 5.5 to 6. Depressing.

    Submitted by hiddenmasochism1 on Oct 15, 11 at 6:58pm
  • 5 inches is perfect because that's how big a womens cervix is

    Submitted by bee222 on Sep 27, 11 at 1:56am
  • that's fuckin awesome!

    Submitted by sinphillysweet23 on Sep 23, 11 at 12:56pm
  • Im part of the other 10% :P

    Submitted by hipotalamus on Sep 23, 11 at 11:22pm
  • Eight inches is better than 95% according to Wikipedia, so I feel like that's a little high...

    Submitted by TheMasonX on Oct 2, 11 at 11:59pm
  • Ha ha thats so funny

    Submitted by jsullivan6x on Sep 23, 11 at 9:30pm
  • And yet, about eighty five % of the male population "claim" to be in that top ten %. LOL Well, let me go on record, as saying, i, like the majority of the population, are below seven inches. And it's actually closer to ninety five %, than it is to ninety %. I've actually done a lot of research on this. Why? to scientifically prove the truth.

    Submitted by mplan on Sep 24, 11 at 2:12am
  • Why not? They have money, and apparently they like penis!

    Submitted by daisy_dukeluke on Sep 24, 11 at 1:16am
  • You're and engineer, so it's understandable you'd do some shoddy statistic work.

    Submitted by seanathon on Sep 23, 11 at 12:42pm
  • statistical freak, huh? that's cool with me cause I can be a little freaky too.

    Submitted by ckb71 on Sep 23, 11 at 6:38pm
  • Did it ever occur to you that a relationship could be about feelings you have for someone?

    Submitted by Nero905 on Sep 23, 11 at 1:15pm
    • Did it ever occur to you that this is TFLN and no one gives one single crap about your feelings?

      Submitted by stay_breezy on Sep 24, 11 at 3:04am
  • Ummm....... She ISN'T going to break up with him. That's why D-Bags with an above average penis SHOULD date engineers.

    Submitted by helmetirdge on Dec 11, 13 at 10:34pm