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  • Does he call you 'Wilber'?

    Submitted by Michguy on Jul 23, 11 at 4:25pm
  • That's why you should always have sex with someone before you commit! You don't buy a car before test driving it first!!

    Submitted by LittleAngry83 on Jul 23, 11 at 4:11pm
  • You sure know a lot about how a horse sounds when he’s cumming...

    Submitted by Phys on Jul 23, 11 at 9:46pm
  • You need to have a serious to talk with him. Tell him to cease and desist or else he's OUT faster than u can say Kentucky Derby!

    Submitted by 30otsix on Jul 24, 11 at 3:23am
  • That's a deal breaker.

    Submitted by yer_mom on Jul 23, 11 at 6:16pm
  • next time it happens: start barking.

    Submitted by notsobermuch on Jul 25, 11 at 1:42am
  • And all you had to do to find out was toss him a handy before you started dating

    Submitted by PSUbrew on Jul 24, 11 at 11:55am
  • How do you know what a horse sounds like when he cums?

    Submitted by iItalian on Jul 24, 11 at 12:42am
    • she says he whinnies like a horse *WHEN THE BOYFRIEND CUMS* most people know what a horse sounds like when they Winne and she said nothing about the horse cumming .

      Submitted by tequila1996 on Nov 8, 11 at 4:01pm
  • Is it werid tht my dog does this as well??

    Submitted by iheartpolarbears on Jul 23, 11 at 3:36pm
  • Appropriate penalty for withholding booty when you first met

    Submitted by Deebo5050 on Jul 24, 11 at 2:24am
  • Strange !

    Submitted by likeaboss77 on Jul 23, 11 at 7:21pm
  • What did you expect the horse to sound like when he comes?

    Submitted by sevensevenseven on Jul 24, 11 at 2:31am
  • I don't even kno a good reply to that. That is fucked up and a really disturbing turn off.

    Submitted by mississippigirl1 on Jul 24, 11 at 9:19am
  • It's weird that u know that. Lol to the comment above this one.

    Submitted by ZenoA on Jul 23, 11 at 5:23pm
  • He sounds like a jackass...a horsey jackass. I find it strange that you didnt see the tool-esque signs beforehand.

    Submitted by cuissadepact on Jul 23, 11 at 11:35pm
  • I was going to say the same thing about the text drive! If you are thinking about buying it text drive first!!!!!

    Submitted by lolly61191 on Jul 23, 11 at 11:39pm