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  • "Thanks for the gas officer, ready to fill us up?" Damn, this just writes itself. Any blondes want to be in my movie?

    Submitted by Vulpus on Apr 27, 11 at 2:22pm
    • I just need you to stroke my cock while touching your nose, them blow on my breathalyzer and you can be on your way.

      Submitted by EMTPirate on Apr 28, 11 at 8:57am
  • Ass, grass, or cash...nobody rides for free.

    Submitted by likeahoss on Apr 27, 11 at 1:22pm
  • My question is.. how do you know all of this information..?

    Submitted by bensanders on Apr 27, 11 at 12:27pm
  • They didn't have money and they were going to Vegas? Hmmm...

    Submitted by flyhighballin on Apr 27, 11 at 11:12pm
  • What would you do if you ran out of gas on the highway? I don't see any other solution, assuming you don't happen to have any friends with gas cans nearby. The cops get out-of-gas calls all the time.

    Submitted by twocups on Apr 27, 11 at 4:16pm
  • Another reason why blonde stereotypes are true.

    Submitted by ToastyTheBeast on Apr 27, 11 at 12:43pm
  • Epic. Just epic.

    Submitted by beabolboa on Jun 20, 12 at 4:18pm
  • @tank5053. Possibly the most unintelligent comment I have ever read on this site

    Submitted by sexyemily on Apr 27, 11 at 11:45pm
  • Tank- police can give you like one gallon of gas if you run out. Also, they don't just carry guns in their trunk, they carry them on their person. Guns gas is not dangerous.

    Submitted by firefly28 on Apr 27, 11 at 8:51pm
    • Depending on the department they may have a patrol carbine in the trunk, and a shotgun in the cab of the cruiser. Depends on the area and anticipated threat.

      Submitted by EMTPirate on Apr 28, 11 at 8:59am
  • I guess this depends on where you live because if you tried to call the cops for help bc you ran out of gas where I live, they might have a good laugh, but they definitely wouldn't bring you some gas. Cops aren't around to baby-sit dumb ppl. And I imagine if this did happen to you, then you would call a tow truck. And if you are dumb enough to both run out of gas in the middle of no where and also not to have emergency cash while in an unfamiliar area... Well, start walking

    Submitted by uchicago on May 2, 11 at 12:29am
  • lol def does have the makings for a porn

    Submitted by outdrinksyou on Apr 27, 11 at 4:15pm
  • Bensanders, it could be like at a diner or a rest-stop or something

    Submitted by NPH9384 on Apr 27, 11 at 12:47pm
  • "Thanks for the gas officer, ready to fill us up?" Dang, this just writes itself! Okay, now I'm gonna need four blonde volunteers who want to be in a movie...any takers?

    Submitted by Vulpus on Apr 27, 11 at 2:24pm
  • The cop thought he was being like Sheen.

    Submitted by thebatman on Apr 27, 11 at 2:55pm
  • I would had just gave 1 or 2 of them a ride to the nearest gas station.... \n\nWhy does this cop carry a small can of gas in his truck with his weapons? Not Smart! + the truck will smell like gas lmao.

    Submitted by Tank5035 on Apr 27, 11 at 1:04pm