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  • Submitted by SserPrun95 on Mar 10, 11 at 11:18am

    Sounds like you should prepare your vagina for the best 10 seconds of your life

  • Submitted by ambur on Mar 10, 11 at 11:22am

    What he means is be prepared cause your vaginas gonna be laughing so hard afterwards.

  • Submitted by manlaw6 on Mar 10, 11 at 9:53am

    This is obviously fake, women don't listen!

  • Submitted by dat_azz_69 on Mar 10, 11 at 2:06pm

    did he spray hair spray in the air to make it crisp?

  • Submitted by foolishfool on Mar 10, 11 at 10:04am

    Manlaw6 quit stealing my joke bitch

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    Submitted by Diggity_Dawg on Mar 10, 11 at 3:30pm

    Better news then prepare your butt hole.

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    Submitted by Michguy on Mar 10, 11 at 7:21pm

    For childbirth in 9 months... As he cums in you.

  • 95 82
    Submitted by SchoolBusFire on Mar 10, 11 at 11:01am

    Could've said "prepare your anus". Then you would've had heard something you didn't want to.

  • 94 83
    Submitted by IcePrincess44 on Mar 10, 11 at 10:12am

    At least you were warned!

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    Submitted by nutsucker on Mar 10, 11 at 3:36pm

    That's incredible...

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    Submitted by dudeimshawn on Mar 10, 11 at 11:41am

    prepared for disappointment

  • 89 76
    Submitted by sillyrabbit84 on Mar 10, 11 at 7:20pm

    yea truth hurts sometimes.... get grooming young lady!

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    Submitted by ScarletFever on Mar 10, 11 at 5:40pm

    It's something I want to hear! Isn't it always better to be prepared?

  • 90 86
    Submitted by nermal on Mar 21, 11 at 12:07am

    I'm pretty sure "prepare my vagina" should not be quotes. That would mean, "Hey, you over there, get MY vagina ready!".

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    Submitted by nermal on Mar 19, 11 at 8:37pm

    I'm pretty sure that "prepare my vagina" is not supposed to be in quotes. Wouldn't that mean that someone was telling you, "Hey, prepare MY vagina".

  • Submitted by Assman_Humpeth on Mar 10, 11 at 10:34am

    No anal = sexual fail