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  • everyone loves a kitty :3

    Submitted by PierreTheLion on Mar 3, 11 at 12:08pm
  • Well, at least you know you'll go home with a little pussy.

    Submitted by rimmion on Mar 3, 11 at 6:49pm
  • You're supposed to take the kitty home from the bar, not to the bar

    Submitted by W_T_F on Mar 3, 11 at 8:55pm
  • Manlaw6 does 6 represent your age? If you say something is fake one more time I'm going to rip your dick off and force feed it to you and sprinkle it with salt pepper and anthrax. Good day.

    Submitted by duckblaster405 on Mar 4, 11 at 5:06am
  • bet that car was the fucking life of the party. cats always are.

    Submitted by andthelion on Mar 4, 11 at 2:33am
  • *cat

    Submitted by andthelion on Mar 4, 11 at 2:35am
  • Pussie's a man's best friend

    Submitted by blargmeansno on Mar 6, 11 at 4:16pm
  • A lot of bars let animals in. I see dogs at bars in nyc all the time, especially in the summer at bars with nice outdoor areas. I see dogs at regular indoor bars often enough as well. Never a cat though... Maybe I'll have to bring mine with me next time.

    Submitted by themeconspiracy on Mar 4, 11 at 2:31am
  • not if they dont sell food

    Submitted by kid53185 on Mar 3, 11 at 2:05pm
  • a bar can always use more pussy

    Submitted by dat_azz_69 on Mar 7, 11 at 10:02am
  • Haha McGoo. I'm glad someone said it.

    Submitted by hockey87 on Mar 3, 11 at 1:35pm
  • Fake. Health code violation.

    Submitted by JJdoggie on Mar 3, 11 at 1:36pm
  • This is obviously fake, bars don't allow animals!

    Submitted by manlaw6 on Mar 3, 11 at 12:27pm