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  • Funny, yet disturbing on several levels.

    Submitted by just_s4yin on Feb 20, 11 at 10:14am
  • She actually wanted another round.

    Submitted by womanoftheyear on Feb 20, 11 at 10:51am
  • Dontcha just love trailer trash?

    Submitted by MadF00L on Feb 20, 11 at 12:23pm
  • Little does the poster know, he was doing her mom the day before.

    Submitted by colan08 on Feb 20, 11 at 6:40pm
  • If you lasted longer than 30 seconds she wouldn't have to fake another 10 min.

    Submitted by sick1200 on Feb 24, 11 at 4:36pm
  • Sorry, not the poster, the moaning girl.

    Submitted by colan08 on Feb 20, 11 at 6:41pm
  • sarah andrews!

    Submitted by rednot10 on Feb 21, 11 at 2:01am
  • wheres 808?

    Submitted by supabitch69 on Feb 20, 11 at 1:15pm
  • First

    Submitted by VileRoth on Feb 20, 11 at 10:12am
  • Fuck, who is this fool making Hawaii look bad?

    Submitted by roflberries on Feb 20, 11 at 9:39pm
  • haha must be a minute man if she had to fake it to make her mom jelous!!!!!

    Submitted by DigThis on Feb 25, 11 at 2:36pm
  • maybe u were just THAT good :)

    Submitted by talkshitgethit on Feb 22, 11 at 8:02am
  • @mayopacket.... It really depends on the girl. She might get attached and not want just a hookup. I say go for it though, if your smart, you should be able to tell pretty quick if she is just wanting a hookup too.

    Submitted by just_s4yin on Feb 20, 11 at 10:34am
  • hey guys. im not sure where else to go with this. pretty chill chick in my class. not sure if she puts out or not. but im just tryna get it in real quick nothin serious..\n\nyes or no to texting her hey we should hang out sometime, and by that i mean you tryna hook up?

    Submitted by a_mayo_packet on Feb 20, 11 at 10:13am