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  • Submitted by joe_jr_shabadoo on Feb 7, 11 at 2:17pm

    And he stumbled out and left you sitting there in your nice new bra, because FUCK field sobriety tests.

  • Submitted by gaterhog on Feb 7, 11 at 6:18pm

    If you wanted it to be tough, you should have worn a corset. See a man get that off sober, let alone drunk.

  • Submitted by said8ED on Feb 7, 11 at 7:57pm

    To hell with the test; I'm taking your panties off.

  • Submitted by Le_Bag on Feb 7, 11 at 7:26pm

    I think it falls under cruel and unusual puishment

  • Submitted by 3knucklesdeep on Feb 7, 11 at 5:47pm

    Your tough standards for personal morality are the true fruits of women's liberation.

  • Submitted by thebatman on Feb 7, 11 at 1:35pm

    he should just rip it in half

  • Submitted by ponaxtw on Feb 7, 11 at 7:53pm

    Oh, two shirts! Cool story, bro.

  • Submitted by ninjaman181 on Feb 7, 11 at 10:39pm

    Well done. The downfall to bulldozing begins.

  • Submitted by CrashR6 on Feb 7, 11 at 6:56pm

    Good test!

  • Submitted by DuFF12891 on Feb 11, 11 at 4:20pm

    It's always a test with you women... why don't you just tell us what you mean straight up.

  • Submitted by vfhmvycvnhdx on Feb 7, 11 at 7:24pm


  • Submitted by jyssikins on Mar 7, 11 at 7:07pm

    I did this once, he just got frustrated and pushed it up haha

  • Submitted by 147man on Feb 8, 11 at 10:52pm

    Good test you bitch. Hahah. I know I'd be pissed.

  • Submitted by The775 on Feb 10, 11 at 7:06pm

    Yay Reno!!!

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    Submitted by infinetesmiles on Jul 5, 12 at 6:45pm

    Even sober guys get tripped up on front clasps trust me

  • Submitted by crazyman217 on Feb 7, 11 at 2:52pm

    Front clasp bras are easier. I took one off when my girlfriend was wearing two shirts in 9th grade. Next

  • Submitted by Pwujsexy91 on Feb 7, 11 at 4:23pm


  • Submitted by hammerstix on Feb 8, 11 at 12:18am


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    Submitted by JohnnyGraves on Dec 29, 12 at 9:05pm

    Anyone else think to just lift the bra up over the boobs? It's like cheating!

  • Submitted by duchess9678 on Feb 7, 11 at 8:07pm

    Go Reno!!