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  • Submitted by bringmylover on Jan 8, 11 at 12:03pm

    not if she tapes it on the part that she doesn't walk on smart stuff.

  • Submitted by cjhs on Jan 8, 11 at 7:23pm

    Good rule of thumb is if you can't run in them sober, you can't walk in them drunk

  • Submitted by LuceUnit on Jan 8, 11 at 1:23pm

    That'll work, if you can stand on one leg to take off a shoe and check the number, you're definitely sober enough for another drink!

  • Submitted by the88thpianoman on Jan 8, 11 at 1:17pm

    Smart lady, planning ahead.

  • Submitted by sammysamsam on Jan 8, 11 at 11:09am

    Good idea!

  • Submitted by xandrasm on Jan 9, 11 at 4:01am

    This is brilliant. Thank you random lady.

  • Submitted by kevxster on Jan 9, 11 at 2:52pm

    why does the shoe matter?

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      Submitted by legless on Jan 26, 11 at 3:42am

      Wearing high heels (like drinking) can make you lose your balance. The combination can be a disaster.\n\nSo she took a tumble and decided to rate her shoes so she can make better choices in the future.

  • Submitted by marie_4_22 on Jan 9, 11 at 12:16am

    I don't get it? who wants to explain

  • Submitted by York on Jan 9, 11 at 12:24am

    brilliant. you're my new hero.

  • Submitted by trickyknowsbest on Jan 8, 11 at 10:10am

    Pretty sure the tape will come off when you are walking you dumbass

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    Submitted by Jessabelle4C on Jan 9, 11 at 11:39am

    That is a brilliant idea!!!!