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  • Submitted by kaycee27 on Jan 8, 11 at 9:42am

    You're a douche!!

  • Submitted by the88thpianoman on Jan 8, 11 at 1:33pm

    Coming from a guy... that's a pretty dick move.

  • Submitted by username111 on Jan 8, 11 at 10:28pm

    It's gonna be hillarious when u stop getting head

  • Submitted by suicidal_sal on Jan 8, 11 at 1:33pm

    You really know how to make a girl feel special. Jackass.

  • Submitted by TheMoreYouKnow on Jan 8, 11 at 9:42am

    Cum in her mouth next time.

  • Submitted by Raymond87 on Jan 8, 11 at 10:59pm

    You're the type of guy that fathers warn their daughters to stay away from.

  • Submitted by arthurlux on Jan 8, 11 at 1:44pm

    What a dick move. So to speak.

  • Submitted by xandrasm on Jan 9, 11 at 4:02am

    Of all the options you have for places to cum you choose the top of her head?! How are you not single?

  • Submitted by nk2409 on Jan 9, 11 at 1:36am

    Fuckin doosh.

  • Submitted by LoveDumpster on Jan 8, 11 at 9:15am

    you should ALWAYS cum in their hair...the protein is good for it.

  • Submitted by hacker201 on Jan 8, 11 at 1:02pm

    At least you're saving her money on conditioner!

  • Submitted by Misssbarry on Jan 12, 11 at 4:36am

    Haha I do the something to my roommate sister lol

  • Submitted by wiskeygirl on Jan 8, 11 at 10:13am

    That a boy !!! :-)

  • Submitted by colormeamber on Jan 9, 11 at 7:27am

    That's fucking hilarious. See lasts, guy do care and pay attention to us.

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    Submitted by NerdyVE on Feb 4, 11 at 7:51pm

    You are an asshole!

  • 54 93
    Submitted by bee222 on Mar 30, 11 at 12:31am

    Can u say duche!

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    Submitted by hhharaldson on Oct 2, 11 at 6:04pm