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  • Because a Brazilian is just like Cinderella's carriage: It only lasts till midnight.

    Submitted by regalbeagle on Dec 30, 10 at 9:43am
  • just have your way with him while hes passed out, trust me he wont mind

    Submitted by ilovewhores on Dec 30, 10 at 10:16am
  • Hey op, how bout I eat you until you pass out. What a douche your husband must be to not appreciate the sacrifices you and your vag make fir him!

    Submitted by Anonymous on Dec 30, 10 at 10:49am
  • This is sad. Is he always drunk?

    Submitted by equinoxe on Dec 30, 10 at 9:57am
  • I'm with regalbeagle. It'll be there tomorrow. Unless it's a common occurrence, it's really not that big of a deal.

    Submitted by sunshine1114 on Dec 30, 10 at 10:17am
  • Hilarious

    Submitted by phillyprincess on Dec 31, 10 at 2:02pm
  • @Anonymous I thought you were just speaking hick.

    Submitted by TheMoreYouKnow on Dec 30, 10 at 12:40pm
  • Just start sucking his dick. He'll get hard, and chances are he'll wake up before you finish and then, if you can manage to get your mouth away, you can fuck him. No big deal.

    Submitted by Figuratively on Dec 30, 10 at 5:13pm
  • If you got a Brazilian it will stay smooth for about two weeks. So chill the fuck out lady.

    Submitted by raerae24 on Dec 31, 10 at 6:16pm
  • Me too .. I never get laid

    Submitted by bestshooter on Dec 30, 10 at 1:39pm
  • For...damn iPhone

    Submitted by Anonymous on Dec 30, 10 at 10:51am
  • So just because you chose to get waxed and your husband fell asleep without giving you the attention you want, you want a divorce??? Good thing you got married in the first place. Did you try waking him up, or just go straight to pouting??

    Submitted by jhandy on Dec 30, 10 at 10:34pm
  • I feel you...I had my cutest thongs and bra on the other night, my husband took a look at me, then passed's only been 4 months and he is already acting like he is 50

    Submitted by malisha56 on Jan 9, 11 at 12:43pm
  • that's the same commercial i did its ©

    Submitted by TBONEa on Dec 30, 10 at 12:54pm
  • yo lose the zero and get with the hero:) \n\n(but if your fat forget the last sentence)

    Submitted by noahochoa on Dec 30, 10 at 8:11pm