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  • Awe, she takes in strays. What a nice girl.

    Submitted by Anonymous on Dec 5, 10 at 3:55pm
  • he knows that which is why he thinks that if he accepts that policy his dick may have a 75% chance of falling off a week later.

    Submitted by BlackSheepParty on Dec 5, 10 at 3:17pm
  • Do you have a back door policy????

    Submitted by trickyknowsbest on Dec 5, 10 at 7:17pm
  • This website needs new moderators. Again, I feel ashamed to be a girl when people like this exist. It's embarrassing to admit this person is of the same species as me, let alone the same gender. Ugh

    Submitted by taylortunetracy on Dec 5, 10 at 3:56pm
  • There's not enough latex in the world. I bet your STDs have just about achieved sentience.

    Submitted by harbqll on Dec 5, 10 at 3:22pm
  • Here we go again! Stop broadcasting your slutty behavior! It's not something to be proud of.

    Submitted by soko on Dec 5, 10 at 3:29pm
  • Cum one, cum all, more the merrier.

    Submitted by yourannoying81 on Dec 5, 10 at 6:25pm
  • so are you trying to tell us that your vagina is basically just a clown car?

    Submitted by destructo on Dec 5, 10 at 6:01pm
  • Wow, ladies, do I sense a little bitterness? Jesus Christ, it's like I stumbled upon a bunch of repressed middle aged housewives in the 1950's bitching about the young couple next door having a great sex life and trying their best to make it sound like a bad thing. haha\n\nSeriously though, it's the 21st century girls, it's ok to sleep with people. Really, we won't make you wear a red A or anything. It's over. You can even work and vote and everything.

    Submitted by toldu17butilied on Dec 5, 10 at 9:41pm
    • hahaha

      Submitted by bandkid27 on Dec 6, 10 at 12:45am
    • But the potential consequences of having sex with a large number of random people remain the same. And that doesn't just involve pregnancy/catching something, it involves spreading whatever you catch to others. Selfish.

      Submitted by Taipan on Dec 6, 10 at 11:45am
  • So does that mean its open to lez with strap ons??? Cuz I know some who would be willing to do you.

    Submitted by Reikage_Sanshi on Dec 5, 10 at 6:48pm
  • I wonder who has low self-esteem. And given your open-vag policy, it seems you wouldn't care what any guy thinks.

    Submitted by AreYouShittinMe on Dec 5, 10 at 3:28pm
  • Bet he goes in thru the out door too!

    Submitted by klangford on Dec 5, 10 at 3:49pm
  • An open door policy is where you are open to hearing greivences. Having one means that you DO care what someone thinks. Sheesh!

    Submitted by MontanaWildhack on Dec 5, 10 at 4:06pm
  • Toldu17butilied, I'm all for having sex. And, even, enjoying it! However, I'm also for discretion, and not opening my legs whenever the wind blows.

    Submitted by soko on Dec 6, 10 at 12:10am
  • Are you fucking kidding me. People loosen up. If you don't like the post that people put on here because of the sexual nature you need to delete the app. It's a fun and funny site so blow somebody... Do a bowl or watch dr Phil. Or shut the fuck up. By the way...... Open door sounds like the way to go.

    Submitted by oprime44 on Dec 6, 10 at 10:23pm
  • John Hay would be proud.

    Submitted by shame on Dec 5, 10 at 8:13pm
  • Well call me

    Submitted by Shamrocks on Dec 5, 10 at 6:20pm
  • And how bad does it stink?

    Submitted by Jiro117 on Dec 5, 10 at 9:13pm
  • That's called being a whore. Put your damn panties back on and get a boyfriend.

    Submitted by Stotan1228 on Dec 5, 10 at 11:10pm
  • I don't think having standards and morals makes anyone bitter. I don't think sex is bad or that women shouldn't sleep with who they want, all I'm trying to say is have a little self respect. I've found that guys try harder, respect you more, and want you more if you wait to put out. I'm not saying dont have sex I'm just saying don't have sex with every dick you see. Try respect yourself a little more and having more self esteem and what men are willing to do will astound you

    Submitted by firstyrocks94 on Dec 9, 10 at 9:46pm
    • so, your goal is to manipulate men into doing what you want and buying you things by withholding sex. does that about sum it up?

      Submitted by skeezer on Jan 3, 11 at 8:57am
  • A wilted rose by any name is still a slut!

    Submitted by cfreymarc on Dec 6, 10 at 4:57am
  • I bet u work for walmart

    Submitted by cmoney55 on Dec 6, 10 at 11:05am
  • Aha ohh wow well tht shit must stink rly bad

    Submitted by master4230 on Dec 5, 10 at 3:56pm
  • How much do you tip the door man

    Submitted by dozer2010 on Dec 7, 10 at 5:43am
  • It's whores like yourself that make men what they are today..

    Submitted by ultragirl25 on Dec 8, 10 at 12:25pm
  • I'm lost for words...

    Submitted by said8ED on Dec 6, 10 at 2:57am
  • Trickyknowsbest prequoted me verbatim. Fired!

    Submitted by rick_scott on Dec 5, 10 at 9:24pm
  • Haha reading the comments on this post just made my day.

    Submitted by BarretRedXIII on Dec 14, 10 at 4:05am