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  • Submitted by sexmeifyoucan on Nov 11, 10 at 4:51pm

    ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the double-blow job.

    • Submitted by said8ED on Nov 11, 10 at 5:56pm

      Actually, one of them blows and the other sucks.

      • Submitted by peachie on Nov 12, 10 at 12:17am

        Yeah, but no one calls a blow job a suck job... therefore double blow job would be appropriate.

  • Submitted by jimmyboy on Nov 11, 10 at 3:11pm

    the world needs more women like you

  • Submitted by said8ED on Nov 11, 10 at 4:07pm

    Your hair would never be dry enough for me

  • Submitted by niceman on Nov 11, 10 at 5:49pm

    WOW!!!! WOW!!! My, you, my dear, are wonderfully magnificent! You are the reason that we date girls and put up with their crap--all in the hopes that one day, someday, just maybe we shall land a true fucking queen like you. God bless you, my love, and may the fucking force be with you!!!

  • Submitted by anachronic on Nov 11, 10 at 2:56pm

    Like a boss

  • Submitted by colabea on Nov 12, 10 at 4:31am

    I don't get why people are congratulating the woman. like, that's cool and all, but all she did was blow a dude...that happens all the time on TFLN. I feel we should be congratulating the guy for multitasking and helping this girl get ready

  • Submitted by snybny on Nov 11, 10 at 6:12pm

    I wish I could get my man to do that. That IS fucking teamwork! AWESOME!!

  • Submitted by Manupbeotch on Nov 11, 10 at 6:37pm

    Shouldnt the text go more like "now that's FUCKING teamwork!" to make it a double entendre? Gotta love the doubles.

  • Submitted by darq_qing987 on Nov 11, 10 at 4:47pm

    Great dick and hand coordination!

  • Submitted by Rubes_Carnies on Nov 11, 10 at 2:38pm

    then had to wash the cumm out it.....

  • Submitted by nurseB on Nov 11, 10 at 6:05pm

    I need to get my wife to do that. She takes forever to get ready!!!

  • Submitted by bandgeek11 on Nov 11, 10 at 7:57pm

    AAAH WOAH!!! when i was little i thought a blow job WAS getting your hair blow dried!!! this is so crazy haha

  • Submitted by ncisfreak25 on Nov 12, 10 at 1:44pm

    did anyone else start singing tenacious d?

  • Submitted by troublemaker on Nov 12, 10 at 4:02am

    Praise the almighty vagina

  • Submitted by calixdude4life on Nov 11, 10 at 4:07pm


  • Submitted by Kandiyman on Nov 12, 10 at 1:34am

    The funny thing is only one spot in her hair got dry.

  • Submitted by unknown13579 on Nov 11, 10 at 7:24pm

    Hey... I gots a blow dryer. Tryna come over?

  • Submitted by sdg on Nov 16, 10 at 12:07am

    That's what I'm sayin!! Way to compromise!!

  • Submitted by Lavender69 on Nov 29, 10 at 1:17am

    Haha double blow job. And this is called multitasking in a marriage.

  • Submitted by BAMFCS66 on Nov 11, 10 at 11:50pm


  • Submitted by electricworry on Nov 12, 10 at 9:41am

    Literally. Fucking teamwork.

  • Submitted by johnnorman on Nov 12, 10 at 6:37pm

    This is totally my girl haha

  • Submitted by wtflol09 on Nov 14, 10 at 6:11am

    Blow for a blow lol

  • Submitted by Anonymous on Nov 13, 10 at 12:11am

    Reminds me of tenacious d

  • Submitted by Rozay on Dec 7, 10 at 2:37pm

    Fucking with me you would have had one burnt spot on your head! But good teamwork !

  • Submitted by cainchild on Nov 15, 10 at 4:53pm

    Where are these women. Dude, I am in love. I mean that. So much better than every session ending in an apology.

  • Submitted by countrygurl on Nov 25, 10 at 8:52pm


  • Submitted by lmalds on Nov 14, 10 at 7:03pm

    Blow job for a blow job!!!!

  • Submitted by Bcoli on Nov 22, 10 at 6:51pm

    I want to be your hair stylist

  • Submitted by asdffcghbjbgf on Nov 15, 10 at 6:31pm


  • Submitted by Reikage_Sanshi on Dec 3, 10 at 2:58am

    If he blow dries and brushes my long hair gently (tend to knot easier now longer), I'll be more willing to blow job him. Especially after some nice shower sex ^_~!

  • Submitted by jdpoe1 on Nov 11, 10 at 2:39pm

    Well that is pretty good teamwork, you two would come FIRST in a race or something

  • Submitted by jdpoe1 on Nov 11, 10 at 2:40pm

    Damn not first nvm