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  • We only get multiple orgasms If our man chooses to give us multiple orgasms. Which rarely happens.

    Submitted by AlexE on Oct 18, 10 at 11:25am
    • Thats because you dumb bitches fake orgasms. If a guy thinks hes doing it right, which he does when you fake, why would he change what hes doing?

      Submitted by Unknown_ on Oct 18, 10 at 1:16pm
  • Pleasant...untill you get a cock slap wake up.

    Submitted by Valkyrie on Oct 18, 10 at 1:04pm
  • Giving birth can tear a girl's whole downstairs department open - literally. Is not having multiple orgasms really a big a problem compared to that?

    Submitted by marey on Oct 18, 10 at 11:21am
  • If you can fall asleep while someone is having sex with you, then they're doing it wrong.

    Submitted by whyspir on Oct 19, 10 at 3:52am
  • Unknown_ you are a dumbass. A guy can tell when a girl is actually having an orgasm. He shouldn't need her to tell him when it's happening and should therefore be able to tell if she's faking.

    Submitted by RadMuffin on Oct 18, 10 at 7:59pm
  • You know anyone that has stock? Everyone I know is dry

    Submitted by ohsnapcg on Oct 19, 10 at 3:02am
  • Other than you being warm, it's like necrophilia without those pesky cops!

    Submitted by said8ED on Oct 19, 10 at 11:21pm
  • I'm a dude that can do it multiple times. Your mojo is just weak.

    Submitted by Hierro on Oct 18, 10 at 10:40am
  • i always rock to sleep with a penis

    Submitted by pats1918 on Oct 19, 10 at 1:15am
  • I am in no way saying that men and women have it equally bad. Girls have waaaay shittier stuff to deal with. But, if they ever start to complain a lot, i just say "well you get multiple orgasms" and they usually feel better about being a girl. Thats all im saying, i just said it poorly at first.

    Submitted by Manupbeotch on Oct 18, 10 at 11:55am
  • Awwwww, white girls are adorable!!!! Awwwww..........

    Submitted by niceman on Oct 19, 10 at 10:13am
  • He'll yea I'm a guy pushing in is like tellin ur dog to shut the( and I quote) FUCK up

    Submitted by NightmareDreamer on Oct 19, 10 at 1:06am
  • I fell asleep giving head 2 times with same guy needless to say we broke up.

    Submitted by skyeblue32 on Jan 19, 13 at 9:53pm
  • Well back to the topic... I rock women to sleep allll the time and I rather wake them up with a ball slap good morning

    Submitted by STR8FeDii on Oct 18, 10 at 3:26pm
  • Women often complain about how they have to give birth. My retort: Who gets multiple orgasms? While girls still have it worse with periods and all, that kinda evens the playing field a lil bit I think.

    Submitted by Manupbeotch on Oct 18, 10 at 10:27am